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Your Way To Acceptance Without Feeling Remorseful


How can you finally come to terms with accepting the life you have to reduce your anxiety and live a no drama lifestyle.

It may sound harsh, but the reality is, you get dismally fed up with people’s hostility that you decide to disconnect all communication with them. What if they are your family? Is it selfish to cut off all ties? Is it a shame to disassociate yourself from them? What if they are dragging you down instead of lifting you up?

Acceptance comes only in a form in which you try your best to live your life without feeling remorseful of the other person.

A broken mirror glued together would still show marks of brokenness. But if you focus on its entirety, you see that it can always reflect the sunlight and bring brightness to your darkness.

You hear a lot about estranged relationships, and you think to yourself, how could a person detach themselves from people they care for so much? Unfortunately, you get sick and tired of people’s urge to depreciate instead of trying to work things out. Your choice to finally cut ties with them does not happen overnight. There were numerous sleepless nights and a painful realization that led to your decision.

When you are in between the drama that has been going on for over a decade and brought tremendous anxiety for you, you know that their unwillingness to forgive fully is what’s plaguing them, why not just disconnect yourself and focus on your life?

How can you finally come to terms with accepting the life you have to reduce your anxiety?


Accept that you do not have control over people’s decisions and the way they live their life. Knowing that people will not always reciprocate the love you give them. Permit yourself to be ok with it. Sometimes trying so hard to fix people’s situation will only make the problem worse. Especially when they are not willing to listen because all they know is hatred.

Let go and let them live their life, and you live yours. Free from misery, and free from over-thinking that their life could be better if they absolve each other’s faults. Only they can come to realize that acceptance is the way to forgive.

Hope that they will come to fully understand the meaning of acceptance.

Realize that life is not perfect:

The sooner you realize that life is not perfect, the sooner you come to terms with living harmoniously with yourself. The less anxiety you feel about the situation, the sooner you can move on with your life.

If they are not willing to make amends with the past, and you have done your part to help in the best way you know how then it’s time just to let it go. Don’t ever feel obligated to fix their situation because only they can work things out.

Always support their decision and hope only the best for them.

Intentionally wish them well always:

The day you decide you do not want to be a part of their life does not mean you cannot wish them well anymore. Hope that their life will be better in time; Hope that their wounds will fully heal and that they will forgive and love with all their hearts.

It is unfortunate that they cannot get past their animosity towards each other when all you ever wanted is for them to appreciate one another.

It may not happen now, but just believe that everything will work out at the end. Pray religiously, and yearn to support your family when they need it.


We all make mistakes and some harder to forgive than others. But find it in your heart to forgive. It does not take anything away from you to accept the “what was” and “what is.”

In the end, a broken mirror glued together would still show marks of brokenness. But if you focus on its entirety, realize that it always reflects the sunlight and brings brightness to your darkness.

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