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Hello Amazing Soul! What’s your “seat at the window” of life?

As 2017 closes I’m sure you’re looking back in reflection on your year, and seeing if you’ve met some goals, and maybe even how you can do better next year. It’s so symbolic to all of us; almost like our lives are ending, and we are sitting back and reflecting on how well we’ve lived . thinking how we can improve, things we want for the next year, and things we don’t want.

Do you do this? What do you focus on the most? Do you focus on what you DON’T want most of the time? Like “I don’t want to be stressed,” or  “I don’t want to be broke,” or “I don’t want to feel taken advantage of.” Ya know… the pitty-party list goes on.

What I’ve come to see is that, THIS IS the problem. When obsessively thinking about what we don’t want… guess what? You get MORE of what we don’t want! And, we can’t have that can we?

Let’s look at positive thinking, especially if you are someone who worries, complains, or obsesses over the details of life. (I’m not judging, I’ve been there too!) Maybe positivity doesn’t come easy to you? I’ve always thought of positive thinking like eating healthy… It can be challenging, and it takes WORK! But, negative thinking is just like eating unhealthy. Think being heartbroken and downing a tub of ice-cream, then you move on to the chips… but wait! Don’t forget those delicious Christmas cookies!

You’ve now eaten one thing after the next, it feels good in the beginning, but then… the tummy ache creeps in. Thats just like negative thinking; it’s a spiral effect and leaves you feeling like shit. One negative thought or worry leads to the next, and it simply will keep going until you stop it, and reel it in.

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t feel bad, it’s been me too! I want to share with you some tips on clearing your mind, so that you can allow yourself to truly be free internally. I have found that no matter how good our life can be, if it doesn’t feel good… we can find ourselves in very dark and lonely places.


Now, let me preface this by saying, I haven’t gotten it all figured out, but there are a couple things that I do know.

  1. When you think of bad often; magnetically you will continue to bring  it to you. The key is to think of what you want, while focusing on the things you have today that bring you joy! Manifestation is an art of feeling good, even during the bad.
  2. Goals have to be specific and not set on broad ideas. For example, opposed to saying, “I want to make a lot of money.” You should be saying “I desire to make $3,000 per month, because this will help me to live comfortably.” Have specific goals!
  3. Who you surround yourself with is key. We all worry at times, but if you are surrounded by people who love drama, worry, or complain all the time… you are LITERALLY amplifying the bad. And, guess what? Bringing on MORE bad! If you wish to have a better life choose wisely.
  4. Take risks. You’d much rather look back at all the things you tried, than to look back and have done NOTHING- that hurts! We are not promised tomorrow, that thought alone should propel you to JUST DO IT!
  5. Expand your awareness with meditation. When we often ground ourselves we are conditioning our mind to quiet itself. Why? So we can hear the divine voice. You know the analogy of good angel, bad angel. That’s your mind. Who will you feed? Hopefully your FAITH!
  6. Even in the bad… God is good! Why? Because you have to understand things that don’t work out or go your way are teaching you key lessons in patience, trusting your intuition, trusting the higher order of life, and releasing control. When we can be happy, or even change our perspective in the midst of the bad, instead of doing what we always do, which is usually some form of FREAKING OUT! We need to learn to release control, and to think… “What can I learn here.” ALWAYS.


Let me end by saying THIS WHOLE SHA-BANG is a big spiritual lesson. You chose to be here. You chose this before you manifested into this realm. Yup, you sure did! Everything in your life is pointing you in the direction of your best self. What happens is we are given choices, tests, and lessons to see if we really want what we say we want. Moments that test our faith, strength, and willingness to stay true to our path. Constantly. Because like Eric Thomas says, “When you want it as bad as you want to breathe… THEN you’ll be successful.”

My purpose is to remind you of this, because I remember who I am as well as why I am here. I have searched, cried, been misunderstood, struggled, and finally chose the best perspective to fit the life I want. Not the life I have. Eventually the life you want will manifest itself, once you get over the experiences that effect your 5 senses. There’s this indescribable unknown “force” that we all understand exist. Something bigger than us. Something in which we feel highly connected to, and in search for. THAT exact force, power, universe, God, (call it what ya want!) is calling you to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! (Lion King reference) 🙂


I love you, and pray that you are propelled into your dreams! It’s mind (spiritual knowing) over matter (experiences).


Remember this, and LIVE 2018 like it’s your last!!! Choose a pleasing, happy, positive perspective kinda seat at the window of life,


With Love & Light

Ebony M. Tutora


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Ebony Tutora is a revolutionary thinker and creator. Her purpose and passion is to share her truth authentically via transformational Life Coaching, so that others who have faced the same struggles can be inspired to know there is hope. With a passion to teach about self worth, and finding it so we can find our purpose; she has done this through her empowerment brand Queens Recognize Queens®. Giving others a platform to gain clarity around who they are, by encouraging them to harness the divinity within.

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