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You Are Magic


You are magic. No, not as in witchcraft and wizardry, but in the fact that you have the power to make your life exactly what you want it to be. As people, we have so much more power than we think. What we think, we create. Our thoughts have the ability to manifest anything and everything we desire in our lives. This doesn’t mean that bad things won’t ever happen, but when they do we’ll be better prepared.

We have the power to create the kind of life we’ve always imagined–a life in which we do more than just survive, we flourish. A life where everyday has purpose. Can you imagine it? If you can, good. If you can’t, well, hope isn’t lost just yet.

Just because you can’t feel the magic doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The universe is always responding to us. Think about the last time there was a coincidence in your life. You were strapped for cash and thought, “Man, I wish my paycheck would come early” and poof, you found an unexpected twenty in your pocket. The universe listened. It’s not just a coincidence.

This is how the fabric of our lives is shaped. As said before, what we think is what we create. Which is why what we think, feel, and say is important. Positivity is key because negativity only breeds more negativity.

So positivity, it would seem, is the magic we’ve been needing.

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Andrew Kendall is a Southern California based author with a serious case of wanderlust. He is both an advocate for mental health and a lover of self-help books. Mesmerized at a young age by the world of magic created by J.K. Rowling, Andrew vowed to one day become an author himself in hopes that his words would inspire the lives of those around him. @andrewwrichard

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