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The storms of life can appear to be endless. Your patience is tested and sleep is constantly interrupted.  Your soul is stirring for change but you are not sure where, or how to begin.  The days are long and tiring.  Your mind is exhausted and your energy is nonexistent. For every sundown  you hope for a brighter tomorrow without much success. Seasons have changed, nights have gotten longer and you are afraid. You are worried over things you are unable to control. For some reason or the next you place an unnecessary amount of pressure on yourself to achieve your perception of perfection.

Now enters change.

You accepted that the storms of life do pass. The loop of negative thoughts, fear of the unknown and uncertainty of life began to excite you. Realization that your mind is a powerful weapon became evident. Understanding that thoughts have the ability to shape your reality struck like lightening. A shift occurred. Tides turned in your mind and like magic, life became sweeter.  You met trials and tribulations with less resistance.  You made a conscience decision to be the best version of yourself and became unstoppable in your transition towards greatness.  The goals you set days, months and weeks ago are now a priority to accomplish. The old you is now shiny and new.  Your chakras balanced and you are glowing.

Congratulations on defeating the thoughts that tried to keep you bound. You made it. Welcome to peace, joy and happiness. It’s been waiting for you. 


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