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Release what is frozen inside you through forgiveness?


A hugely transformational process is acknowledging, confronting, forgiving and getting closure on past hurts.

Remember the saying: “Forgiveness is a tonic that you feed yourself.”

Free yourself through forgiveness by releasing others or yourself from the past.

Your future will be brighter as a result.

What is frozen inside you? No, I am not talking about the partially cooked microwave dinner that you picked up from the convenience store after a 14 hour work-day.
I am talking about a scar or hurt from you past that you have just parked in a dark place in your soul, but occasionally and uninvited still creeps from the shadows to haunt you.
Dolph Lundgren did a fantastic TED talk in Santa Monica (click here to watch), where he spoke about a significant part of him that was “frozen” for most of his adult life, but it eventually caught up with him and virtually brought him to an existential stand-still. He carried this frozen hurt through all his big years of fame on the Hollywood scene, a powerful, ripped-muscled icon of the action movie genre on the outside, but a fragile and disturbed soul on the inside.
Now, we luckily might not all have had a major trauma like Dolph, but it is safe to say we have all been hurt, some by one isolated, but defining incident, others having been damaged over years of hurt or suppression by the actions of others (or often by our own actions). Who did YOU hurt or betray and have been carrying the guilt with you ever since?
Wouldn’t it be a GIANT relief to get rid of that baggage for good?
So, work on what is frozen inside you?
What is that inner demon that comes to visit and shoves in your face what you thought you had buried?
Who or what makes your heart sink when you stumble across it’s path unexpectedly?
A hugely transformational process is acknowledging, confronting, forgiving and getting closure on these issues.
Do it yourself or get some professional support to work through it.
Remember the saying: “Forgiveness is a tonic that you feed yourself.”
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A personal development coach committed to living out my life purpose in evoking positive transformation in the lives of my clients. For more information please visit

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