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Introduction to Meditation: Anxiety and Stress Part 3


Introduction to Meditation, Part 3. Uplift the Spirit and clear the Mind of toxic thoughts through affirmations that instill belief and confidence and peace in oneself.

Rewire the mind to see the beauty in everything, especially in oneself.


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Screw Gofundme, If I can Sell 400 Copies of My Book It’ll Help Me Go Back to School!

If I can sell 400 copies of my book, Unrequited: Things I Learned from...

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Celebrate Pride 2018 By Giving Back

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month. It is more than just a celebration of who...

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Latest: Feelings

A Process: The Reality of Anxiety

It’s been 250 days since I published my last article regarding anxiety. Initially, I look back on this time...

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At times, moving forward actually means going INWARD.

I know I’m going to look over my journaling from this past month and want to burn the pages...

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Self-fulfilling Prophecies: Expectation vs. Reality

Everything stems from our need to always be in control. When we feel like we can’t control what’s happening...

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