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Unrequited: A Poem


There’s a tower

Where what remains of my heart is placed

Just never imagined you and I in unison

Would be the one to lock it away

But I guess it’s okay

A series of choices made

Where fairytales no longer seize the day

And dragons and broken dreams need slayed

In such a daze

Created out of my own haze

With an outdated defense strategy

All a fantasy

A mystical army of one

That screams I’m someone’s son

A world created after tasting your tongue

Such a bitter blade that won

Broke so much of me in just a day

Now I’m stuck in this land of yesterday

Because while I told myself I was strong

I found out I was wrong

So I scattered different pieces of my heart

Laid to rest the incorrect part

Tried not to cower as I climbed this tower

Mourning as I threw fragments of me out to sea

Because what’s really left of me?

Simultaneously climbing

While somehow still drowning

Filled with all this doubting

A loss of words, always mouthing

Now I feel I’ve lost my calling

With a curse that’s never calming

Feeling like it’s the price I pay

For trying to be united

Unaware it was unrequited

Unaware that something had been ignited

The smallest flicker of flame inside

Almost unnoticeable

But whispers an eventual change in tide

That took with it the part of me I chose to hide

Realizing with wide eyes it survived

So deprived

Yet somehow still alive

© Andrew Kendall

Unrequited, a book on emotional abuse and hard learned lessons from loving the wrong people, is available now. You can get your copy via amazon.

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Andrew Kendall is a Southern California based author with a serious case of wanderlust. He is both an advocate for mental health and a lover of self-help books. Mesmerized at a young age by the world of magic created by J.K. Rowling, Andrew vowed to one day become an author himself in hopes that his words would inspire the lives of those around him. @andrewwrichard

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