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” The Purest Form of LOVE That Exists In This World, Is Unconditional Love. ” -Michelle Daniels


Wow.. I’m amazed at the ways times have changed, within the last two (plus) decades. My childhood created extremely strong roots within, which have allowed me to stand firm with my truth, in the world we now live in. When it comes to me and my peers.. I’ll say this much.. We are definitely the last of a dying breed. I grew up in a generation where love (in every way) was a beautiful thing, and we firmly embraced it.

Fast forward 20 years later..

Unfortunately.. We now live in a generation that is all about instant gratification, where love is just a word, to many it’s a game, some even shame it, and pretend it doesn’t exist. This generation of 2017, is one that believes in everything else, it seems (except for the power of love) which makes it a very disturbing (even a scary time) to live in.

First and foremost.. LOVE, better yet Unconditional LOVE, is the very reason we all exist, live and breathe today. It is that thing that keeps us during tragic times.. it is that thing that strengthens us in hardships.. It is that thing that never seems to fail us, no matter what life sends our way.

Unconditional Love is a power.. it is an unstoppable force.. it is an infinite source that keeps on giving (regardless) of situations and circumstances; and it belongs to God. Better yet, it is God.

By understanding this, it is imperative that we (as humans)  learn how to operate from this infinite source, in able to experience the richness of life. Without it, we are hopeless, heartless, and in many cases just outright evil as a people.


I cannot stress the truth that we only get one life to live, and without LOVE.. life is beyond pointless.

Below, I am sharing 3 major keys, that can (and will) help anyone go from pitiful to powerful by operating from the infinite source of Unconditional Love which will unlock doors for many to begin to experience their very BEST in life..


  1. The first key to exercising unconditional love is forgiveness. Listen.. I totally get it.. We live in a very harsh world, not to mention.. the majority are actually offended by someone, on some level, daily. Here’s the thing though. I want to help shape truth and perspective here. Forgiveness is a release that helps you to “let go”, sets you FREE from any offense (no matter the size of it) and communicates to God that you are not in control; which allows him to vindicate and restore you. I’ll personally admit.. It is a very beautiful cycle.. 🙂
  2.  The second key to exercising unconditional love is keeping an open mind. This is important when it comes to others. I believe nothing hardens a heart faster than judgement, and truthfully there is no other breed (created by God) that is as judgmental as humans. Just imagine if animals (for example: dogs) negatively judged each other based on how they looked, barked played, or chewed a bone.. How awkward would that experience be at a dog park!? Judgement hinders growth. Period. It places your life in a very narrow position, which makes it extremely hard to expand your horizon for greater and MORE. Thing is, we live in a very judgmental world (which is inevitable) however, I highly encourage to never partake of that tribe. Ever. When we judge others (for whatever reason), we lock out the option and opportunity to love unconditionally. At the end of the day.. Judgement (or a narrow mind) only hinders you. Always remember.. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. This will continue to happen often throughout life, so allow Unconditional Love to embrace that we are all human, and absolutely no one is better than the next..
  3. The final key I’m sharing to exercise unconditional love is Acceptance. Throughout my years of coaching others experiences (as well as my own) I’ve learned that the one thing every human being truly desires (within) is acceptance. Based on the highly judgmental society we live in, there is a “trend” going around where others are afraid to truly be themselves. That personally saddens me. I believe we are all unique (in so many ways) yet so many hide their uniqueness in fear of not being accepted, for what they have to offer the world. This is the perfect example of “self-sabotaging” and I highly speak against it!, There is REAL greatness inside of everyone, and I encourage anyone to let their LIGHT forever shine (because) We live in a world where we all have the right to be FREE. Free in every way we truly want to be (including being ourselves!) You were not created by the people judge you, so you should never fear acceptance when it comes to them! Ever! When we are courageous enough to be ourselves, we will (at some point) attract every single human, who accepts and appreciates what we have to offer. (as a whole) Understand that acceptance is a rare precious gift that you give to yourself (as well as others) which will allow the beautiful cycle of unconditional love, to operate effectively in your life!

Always remember.. the power of unconditional love will always win! May you embrace it.. May you be it.. May you give it.. May you receive it. Wishing you all Life, Love, and many Blessings! 🙂




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