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A Little TLC To Stay Happy


Wellness, wellbeing and loving yourself is such an important thing in life. It is about making choices that benefit your life and make you happy. And that can easily be forgotten, when life hurdles get the best of you. Whether you’re studying for finals, working 9-5, putting the kids to bed, after running around all day … WHEN IS THERE TIME?!

The answer is quite simple. You MAKE time. There are two examples of analogies/anecdotes, that come to mind when I think of this:


Example One:

A man wanted to try meditation and asked a meditation guide “How long should I meditate for?”.

The guide replied “For at least 5 minutes per day”.

The man said “I don’t have 5 minutes per day to meditate, what should I do?”.

The guide then replied “In that case, you should meditate for 20 minutes per day”.


This implying that if you are so busy in life that you think you can’t find just 5 minutes of your day to sit still and find a sense of calm, peace and centre yourself, then you most likely are somebody who is in need of far longer than the average person. You should be making that extra effort and length of time, to award yourself with a calm, still moment of the day.


Example Two:

When you’re on an aeroplane and the safety announcements / demonstrations take place, one of the main instructions is to aid yourself, before assisting others. When the oxygen mask falls down, you are to put it over your face first, before helping those around you; same with the life jacket too.

The same principle applies in life. You need to take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others.




Some good old TLC! Some Tender Loving Care … (Yes that can mean jamming to the girl group too).

If you are feeling low, or in need of a day to just rest, allow yourself that day. It won’t end the earth and it won’t ruin your life. You need energy and to feel happy in life. It doesn’t have to be an abundance of happiness 24/7. Just little things that get you by.

That might be taking a walk at the park nearby, or kicking a ball around. It could be making yourself a cup of tea and reading a book for 10 minutes before bed. You may find it is those little guilty pleasures, which may make the smallest dent in your bank account i.e. treating yourself to new makeup, splashing out on a nice dinner, or going to see a movie. All of these are perfectly acceptable rewards to give yourself, in the grand scheme of getting by and to keep going.

Remember to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. You’re stuck with you forever, so you may as well learn to love the hell out of that person!

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A free spirit who loves to write, sing, create and share with the world through words, positive thinking and good vibes. My articles on here are heavily focused on positive thinking, creativeness and mental health.

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