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7 Reasons to believe that there is good in the world

In a world where there are regular news reports of devastating destruction, loss and pain in life – whether it be through war, natural disasters, or other life hurdles, it would appear that there is little reason to see the world as good and it might often seem hard to see the world in a positive light. However, this could not be further from the truth!

Life is filled with incredibly beautiful places, people and events. There is something worth living for every single day and people often need reminding of that. It is easy to get caught up in the daily life routine and become preoccupied with other things. What is important, is to take time out of your day, to remain positive and remember what is going good for you. ‘How?’ you ask. Simple! Let’s break it down into some of the most obvious reasons, that somehow escape our minds.

Here are just a few reasons that remind us of ‘GOOD’…

Reason Number 1:



You are alive! Breathing in air and exhaling life. You woke up today, to live another day, filled with the unknown. A blank page, ready to be written. A new adventure, waiting to embark upon. Your own unique journey. How amazing is that?!

Reason Number 2:


New Life. Every day, it is estimated that around 353,000 children are born. Every single day! To think that mothers all over the world, have spent months growing a new human being and are finally bringing them into this beautiful planet. New life entering the world, to begin stories, that will be completely different to one another. Perhaps the next mother Teresa, or Albert Einstein will be among those thousands. The next Jimi Hendrix, or Britney Spears! Maybe your future plumber, who puts a stop to all your annoying leaks, or your hair dresser that gives you the latest cut. New life.

Reason Number 3:




Clean water. Bearing in mind how important water is to our survival (not to mention the fact we use it for washing and cooking) we are fortunate enough to live in a country, where we don’t even have to source clean water, as it is so easily accessible and ready for us. We do not have to walk miles per day for it. Also, we are incredibly fortunate with our water quality. It is not filled with poisonous chemicals/diseases, that could harm us, or give us life threatening illnesses. Yay for H2O!


Reason Number 4:




Our Freedom. We have freedom of speech. We have the freedom to live our lives the way you wish, without having to answer to anyone else. The freedom to work, earn a living and to own a home. The freedom to vote, to follow our chosen faith and to be educated. So many wonderful things that seem so normal to us, that we completely take for granted. Be thankful for that freedom!

Reason Number 5:


Art! There are so many creative, artistic things around us, that feed us with entertainment, happiness and purpose. From music, film and television, to books of literature, art and dance. It flows around us everywhere without us even noticing it. It enriches life and brings all the vibrant colours of the world, into a form we can use to enjoy. Art often reflects our emotions, or helps us understand one another. It is a source that binds us and often unites us to be stronger together. It promotes wonderful messages that strengthen the human race and reminds us of all the fabulous things in the world.

Reason Number 6:



Mother Nature. One of the biggest reasons to be thankful and appreciative of your life. Without the nature around us, all the green, all the beauty in this planet, we wouldn’t survive. Take the time to notice how blue the sky is, or how dark the rain clouds are. Don’t feel disheartened by the rain. It helps the plants around us, that give us oxygen, to grow and increases our quality of breathing. Take the time to notice the natural vibrant colours of flowers. Notice they haven’t had a filter put on them, or been manufactured in a factory of plastic. They are real and natural. Absorb that fact and really take it in.

Reason Number 7:




Love. There is love EVERYWHERE. Even if you think you’re alone, someone somewhere loves you. The world is an accepting and loving place, as much as the harsh and cruel realities in it may be at times. There is always love. The food you eat today, someone made for you, because they didn’t want you to be hungry. The chair you sit on, someone made for your comfort, as you work. The clothes you wear, were stitched to make sure you weren’t cold. Some one, somewhere loves you.

Those reasons alone, are enough to put our fortune into perspective. The world is a bright, positive place, that only needs you to remember that. But how about taking it a step further? Can you list five things in your life that are worth living for? Maybe it’s naming five people, or it’s simply listing your favourite flavours of ice cream. Maybe you are just happy to list five things about yourself. All of those are brilliant and wonderful, because they serve you the purpose of getting up tomorrow morning, happy to live life.

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A free spirit who loves to write, sing, create and share with the world through words, positive thinking and good vibes. My articles on here are heavily focused on positive thinking, creativeness and mental health.

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