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“Greatness In Life Never Happens By Default. You Have To Fight To Experience Your Best Life!” -Michelle Daniels


Today’s topic is a great passion of mine, and one I love to share with as many as possible. Not only do I believe this is life changing; but I believe this word can plant the seed to someone else’s greatness. From experience, this thing has changed me, rearranged me, shaped me, and to this day keeps me. It has helped millions experience their best life, and continues to do so daily. It has given millions (all over this world) a testimony; a story of triumph, a reason to move forward, a reason for joy; and continues to manifest in lives daily. Many recognize this thing as “Faith”, which is exactly what it is; however, I like to call it “The Good Fight.”

Here’s the thing.. Life is a very, very precious gift, and to be able to live it, is even more priceless. If you are someone who desires your best life, then it is your sole responsibility to fight for it! This is a process that begins with education, and ends with action. Perspective is what separates the wise from the unwise, and successful from the unsuccessful. Unfortunately.. No one was taught in grade school (or even college) how to fight the good fight. I’ll even take it a step further to boldly say that many religious organizations and churches haven’t quite mastered the depth of this art.

However, the time is now.

We live in a world full of darkness, and according to many “defeat.” Not only do we all face trials, and tribulation in our personal lives; but acts of darkness are taking place all over my country (USA) as well as the world; which has been discouraging to many lives, when it comes to the gift of life.

Well.. I come to share GOOD NEWS, and hopefully help shed light, as well as comfort, during these times of darkness, trouble and distress in the lives of many. My purpose is to educate others on how to position their lives to receive what the good life has to offer (in various ways), and below are 3 keys that will help lead you to the very BEST life has to offer.


  1. Step 1 is to detox. Most initially think of “physical” when they hear the word detox, however, I’m speaking of a mental (soul) detox. The process to fighting the good fight will never lead to success, if you go into it contaminated. I will also add that this step takes real courage, because oftentimes humans tend to “hold on” to things that are not good (overall) for them. It’s a psychological thing. You will have to use bravery to get rid of harmful relationships, habits, addictions, sources, and anything else that has created a toxic space in your life. Many have had to close themselves off from family members, so-called friends, co-workers, colleagues; as well as anything else that has a negative cognition attached to your life. Key: you’ll know when this step has been fully accomplished in your life, because after you rid all these toxic relationships, people and things.. you will feel an extremely deep inner peace. Follow that peace beloved, you are on your way to greatness!
  2. Step 2 is to re-program. By nature, as humans, we tend to recycle toxic relationships that feel familiar, and old bad habits quickly; if they are not replaced with better immediately. It is our sole responsibility as well as our duty to reprogram, and replace the bad relationships, and habits that we previously detoxed from in step one. The danger of not reprogramming, is it will lead you right back to where you came from, which will hold you hostage from moving forward into greatness for your life. In able to make a habit of good (and only) good, you must genuinely stay connected to good, and only good. Key: You’ll know you’ve accomplished this step when you begin to experience less conflict, more love, more peace, and more joy on a consistent basis. Your life and opportunities should increase.
  3. Step 3 is to duplicate. Life has taught me that true success lies in the ability to help others achieve, and accomplish the very things you’ve had to. The process of transformation to greatness in life, is one that is designed to help more than just yourself. It is designed to impact the lives of those all around you. That’s where the real power lives. Our history even proves this as truth. If you look back over some of the world’s largest movements by specific impact leaders such as (Martin Luther King) and many more; You’ll realize that their level of success came from a movement, that was duplicated within the lives of others. Granted, we all carry seeds of greatness within our lives,which lead to purpose,  but it all boils down to one thing: being able to IMPACT the lives of those around us for the greater GOOD. Key: you’ll know when you’ve accomplished this stage in life, because not only will your life began to prosper, and flourish (in all areas of life); but you will be able to witness and experience the same exact thing happening all around to anyone who is connected to you in any way! Lives (including your own) should constantly overflow with real joy and fulfillment! 🙂

At the end of the day.. We do not have the power to stop the inevitable from happening; but when you fight the good fight you can PROSPER regardless!! No matter what negative things take place, YOU were made to be GREAT in every way. So believers..  as of today, this is a NEW START to real change! You have the blueprint (right here) laid out for you.. Now.. GO BE GREAT AND NEVER STOP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!!!!! 🙂







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