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Life is a beautiful thing and it gives us so many moments in which we are able to feel like our complete selves. It is important that in these moments, we find exactly what it is that makes them feel like home, and we allow ourselves to carry those things onward with us through this journey called life.

Throughout the course of our lives, many different things happen. We experience a variety of things that shape us, make us, break us, and even change us.

Finding ourselves is something many of us are constantly trying to do within all that we experience. The truth is, it’s not an easy task to truly find ourselves, but once we do, we begin living a life that makes much more sense to us – and that is a beautiful feeling.

How we find ourselves is the tricky part; With all of these experiences, constantly changing us and our perspectives, it’s hard to really settle into any one state of mind where we feel comfortable enough to say “ya, this feels like me”.  But, I promise you, eventually it does happen to all of us.

The way I believe we find ourselves is to remember that in everything that happens, in everything we experience and in everything we feel, we need to stay honest and true to ourselves.

When we’re in each one of the millions of defining moments we will experience in our lives, at some point, some of them will feel like home. However, in this world, I find it much more difficult to openly accept these moments that feel like home, because we’re not just living for ourselves. With social media, with constantly living through the idea of how something will look on instagram, or how something will sound on Facebook, we’ve created this idea of how things – how our lives – should be or look, which pushes us so far away from the things that feel ‘right’, in a sense. We, in this day and age, do not simply live our lives for ourselves. Instead, we live our lives with the intention of showing others that we’re doing it ‘right’, and that “my life looks better than yours”. This constant need to show our highlight reel is also pushing us farther away from the truth, because there is no room for ‘real’ and ‘raw’ on social media, well there is, but many of us aren’t brave enough to make room for those things.

When we find those moments that feel like home, we need to immerse ourselves so deeply into them that we become those moments, that those moments feel like the blood running through our veins that keep us alive, because essentially, that’s exactly what these moments of ‘this is right, this is me’, do. They do exactly that; they fuel our hearts and they give us reason and purpose. Our job is to then stay true to these moments, hold onto these moments, and live – carrying these moments on, honestly and truthfully, no matter how that looks to anyone that is not us.

A moment that feels like home is a rare experience, but when we have them we need to remember that we have that sense of home in whatever it is that we are experiencing, because we’ve finally found a puzzle piece of our total truth. We’ve found our ‘something worth living for’. We’ve experienced something so grand that it has wrapped itself around our souls and made them feel at home. And being proud of these moments, regardless of what they are or when they come, is the key. Until you take complete ownership of these moments and allow that ‘at home’ feeling right into your heart, you’ll never truly live the life you’re capable or worthy of living.

The truth will always, always set you free. And the person you owe it to the most is yourself. Always be honest with yourself. Always trust your gut, and always know that those moments when you feel ‘at home’ in this life, those are the moments that we spend so much of our lives searching for – so when you find one, linger in it and let it inspire you to find even more of those moments. And how do you do that? Well, you do the things that you love, and those moments will come to you along the way.

The key is living a life of truth – a life that feels right to *you*. A life that is genuine and a life that, when you look back on someday, makes you say ‘I lived a life that was right for me’. That life will look extremely different from the other peoples lives in your life, and that is OKAY. We can’t compare our lives because our destinies, our purpose, our truths are very different from that of any other person we will ever come across.

Once you accept this, you can start living in that truth, and once you start living in that truth, my darling you will be so, so free.

And to be free in this life is a privilege, and to be free in this life is our purpose, for we truly aren’t living this life until we become just that – free; and the key to that freedom is truth.



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Hi everyone! My name is Linda, and I am a 26 year old teacher/blogger, wife, and mother to my brand new baby girl, Oia. I have a passion for music, writing, exercise, travel & life itself. I live to inspire others, and I like to do so through my writing. So hopefully you can find bits of yourself in my writing, and hopefully my words can help you feel a little bit less alone in anything you may be feeling or going through. I write real, raw truths about life to help keep my writing as honest and relatable as possible. Enjoy, loves! xx L & feel free to check out my lifestyle blog,

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