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Struggling to feel good enough?


If you’re feeling not good enough, stop right now and ask yourself, not good enough compared to whom?

I’ve always felt I’m not enough. Not enough for myself or for anyone. I’ve been taking a hard look at this limiting belief recently and I’m realizing just how deep it runs. I’m starting to see with greater clarity of how having the belief “I’m not enough” has affected me and what shows up in my life.

Good Enough

I’m taking Kain Ramsay‘s online life coach certification course. He said something so simple yet so profound, it just clicked. Kain discusses the Good Enough Principle in the Core Beliefs section of the course. When his wife felt not enough, he asked her, “not good enough compared to whom?”

I asked myself this question and wow! The answers were eye-opening. By realizing the idiocy of our beliefs, it shatters the illusion we are not enough. It did for me. So, can I continue to strive to be a better person than I was the day before? Of course. Never stop learning, never stop growing but take a pause if you’re feeling what you are doing is not enough and ask, who you are comparing yourself with?

We are all unique and have our own gifts. We’ll never be the exact same as someone else and when we realize and accept this fact, it takes the pressure off from striving to reach some imaginary goal of expectation when there’s really no expectation at all.

Breaking Ground

Kain also asks, “How many people will benefit from coming to know someone like you? Countless!” I’m not crying. You’re crying.

This is powerful stuff for me. I hope it’s the same for you. I invite you to ask yourself the same questions. It’s groundbreaking. It’s earth-shattering. It opens a world to freedom and empowerment.

When I saw my own answers to “not good enough compared to whom?”, I couldn’t believe it. The answers were so ridiculous, I was shocked, then I laughed. Now, I’m feeling more confident in the direction in which I want to go and more comfortable standing up and saying, wait, I’m important! I matter! I am enough!

You are enough.

Kate Hutchinson Profile


As a certified spiritual awakener & ThetaHealing® practitioner, Kate is passionate about assisting others in learning the road blocks potentially holding them back from happiness and living a life true to themselves. She is a self-published author of "I Didn’t Know I Was Dying and How I Live(d)", where she shares her story to inspire others to never wonder “what if” and live with no regrets. Visit to learn more.

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