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Rejection doesn’t actually happen that often and when it does it only helps us become better. It pushes us to improve. People shy away from so many opportunities from the mere possibility of it. Thousands of artists, songwriters, actors, and even Realtors will never come to be because of their fear of rejection. Think about if the Beatles were too reluctant and afraid of what people would think of their absurd lyrics or if Picasso didn’t trust each stroke of his brush because of the criticism he may have had to endure.

Society has become paralyzed by the thought of being told no or by being told that they’re not good enough. But only when you put your work out there can you know how to improve it. Only by criticism can you know what you did wrong or what you did right. Perfectionists will never make it as artists because their work will never be good enough for themselves. We must be willing to be vulnerable and let the haters and naysayers say whatever they want, if we ever want to make it creatively, artistically, or even socially. If we overthink every word, every stroke, or every string we will never finish what we start. We must trust our heart and finish our work without the thought of rejection. Accept and learn to take the criticism without it being personal. It is insight, opinionated, sometimes constructive, and sometimes not even right.

Let’s take Danielle Bregoli for example, the borderline insane 14-year-old girl famous for her antics on the Dr. Phil show (Cash me ousside how bow dat). Want to know what she’s doing now? She performs comedy shows all around the world and just signed a multi million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. Do I understand why people would go see her? Absolutely not. But do I respect her for being extremely vulnerable and going after what she wants? Absolutely. It just shows what one is capable of if they fully don’t fear rejection. Think about people like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Donald Trump. People laughed at the thought of Donald Trump actually running for president. They thought the Rock wouldn’t have the star power to bring people to the movies. And lo and behold they’re now both at the top of their game. They made it because they didn’t care what the others said or thought. They pushed harder and harder than anyone they knew. They learned how to accept negative criticism in order to better themselves. Anyone that doubted them only made them stronger.

So learn to trust your gut. Make moves with your heart and not your mind. Don’t let the possibility of a few negative people take away from you being great. Most of the time people will actually be rooting for your success. We all have that creative genius inside of us. We had it when we were kids and we can bring it back if we are willing to open up. If we push ourselves enough and believe we will be great then there’s no longer anything that can stand in our way.

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Born and bred in Fort Lauderdale. Currently at 27 visited countries. Would recommend Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Greece over the rest. Avid reader, movie buff, Orange Theorist, Dolfan, and Overwatcher. XBL: Dettman. Work commercial and residential Real Estate part-time. My purpose is to help those around me overcome mental battles. Please feel free to text me at 954-864-9093 if you are struggling. I'm free!

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