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Mindfulness meditation is a practice taken on by many of the greatest people the world has ever known: Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, LeBron James, Gandhi, and Buddha to name a few. It is a lifelong journey that takes you into the depths of your true inner being. You come to discover insight into who you really are which translates into who you become along the way.

I find it to be the most important habitual practice we can maintain. Not only does it give you a better perspective of the world, it allows you to be at peace with everything the world throws at you. The two keys to holding onto all that mindfulness provides for you is devotion and attitude. You can’t practice it for a couple months, think you’ve reached nirvana, and then stop. Your fears, worries, and regrets won’t just disappear one day and never return. They will return and you will have to start from the beginning.

Devote yourself to at least 10-30 minutes a day. This amount of time will leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and content. Additionally, it will provide you with increased creativity, compassion, empathy, and clarity.

The practice is quite simple and can actually be done at any time. Basically, you want to focus on one thing, whether it is your breath, the clouds, the dishes you’re washing, the game you’re playing, or a simple candlelight. Maintain focus on that one thing and when thoughts come (which they most certainly will) simply learn to let them go as gently as they came. Don’t get upset or mad at yourself when you get distracted. This is all part of the practice. You are starting to learn how to be compassionate and forgiving with yourself. The main goal here is to learn how to live in the now. This process teaches us to let go up the mindless thoughts that pop up throughout our day and learn to appreciate every moment.

Attitude is extremely important. If you come to see mindfulness as a chore you will fail. You must become friends with it and know that it is here to help you and to make you more in tune with the world. No longer will you care what others think of you, how inconvenient the traffic is, or why it had to be today that your car got towed. You will simply go with the flow and remain calm throughout, never being caught off guard or hesitating your next move. You will finally be here and now, finally alive.

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Born and bred in Fort Lauderdale. Currently at 27 visited countries. Would recommend Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Greece over the rest. Avid reader, movie buff, Orange Theorist, Dolfan, and Overwatcher. XBL: Dettman. Work commercial and residential Real Estate part-time. My purpose is to help those around me overcome mental battles. Please feel free to text me at 954-864-9093 if you are struggling. I'm free!

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