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Spiritual Cripples


I’m just gonna go at it today… In America, we have been spiritually crippled. Forced into the box upon box telling us what our spiritual capacities are or are not. Lied to about our spiritual nature. Taken down 500 paths except for the ones that will help us most.

The path inside the mind is the only one worth pursuing. Our external malarkey has reached fever pitch and we are stuck pandering to its trappings. Yes, it’s nice to have a house and a family and a cool car and a nice career. But what do all of these things matter when you live in a society that is in so much pain.

Sickness in Mind as Well as Body

I can’t walk down the street most days without seeing an individual in the throes of severe spiritual sickness. Depressed and despondent about their options or choices in life. Depression is the last refuge for an ego that doesn’t know where else to go. Depression is also the trap of an ego that doesn’t want to let go of the system of unhappiness that sucks in most people in our culture. If you are not the most beautiful, the most successful, the most this or the most that then you should be sad no? Of course not, but the ego sits and tells you “I’ll be happy when….”

If you are waiting for happiness, you have a long while to wait, because it’s never going to knock on your door and whisk you away. Happiness is like the sun. It’s waiting for you every day, but if you sit in the shade, then it has no choice but not to shine on you. You are actively hiding from it, so how can it work its magic on you? It can’t.

Leave Your Ego at The Door

You are the one who has to get out of the shade of the ego and go make progress. As of now we are spiritually crippled and just starting to learn how to walk once again. We have to do better than that. It’s time to run.

Problem number 2. Think about the term “The Great Depression”. If you think about that logically you can understand what I have been trying to say for months. Money is emotion. If people are sad, less money will be out there. The dark forces inside you are trying to make you sad about life. You are the one who has to go out there and succeed anyways.

We know it’s not easy if it were easy everyone would be smiling right now, but you have to do it. If you don’t become happy then nobody can become happy for you.

Money is Arbitrary

Most Americans are just sitting in the bear trap and whining about it instead of actively getting out of the trap and starting to dress the wound. We can’t heal if we can’t leave the trap. The trap is depression or the like.

Think about it, the same amount of money is ever present on the earth at all times. Why is this? Because money is an arbitrary number. It’s something we make up. So if we are happier we will feel that there are more money and opportunities around. If we are spiritually devoid then, of course, we can’t imagine a brighter future.

Eyes Heavenward

I think it’s very important you let your happiness run your life, as long as its spiritually and morally ethical you should do anything to increase your mood. It will have a good effect on your life. Get creative. The future can be anything we like.

It troubles me when I ask people what they think heaven is like and they have no answer. That means that they can’t even conceptualize something better than here. Take a moment to think about what your ideal world looks like? Is it a paradise for the ego? Or a paradise for the soul?



Austin is an experienced Astrologer, Numerologist, and a veteran Tarot Card Reader. ( (And more recently a veteran Cajun Relief Member... He has also studied the occult sciences for the past six years. Austin’s spiritual quest began at the age of 19 when his father died. This tremendous loss filled him with grief and led him down a negative land self-destructive life path. After immersing himself in the way of Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality he discovered Meditation and the Hermetic Arts and was guided out of the darkness that had befallen him. It was precisely at this time that Austin learned a valuable life lesson about how he could help himself. He realized that the only way to make life a rich, rewarding adventure was to help others. Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology offered him a new avenue that enriched his quest of making a positive difference in other people’s lives. This holistic approach gave him a thirst for self improvement and led him to become a Tai Chi and Chi Gong practitioner; and instilled in him a deep love for nature. All his life experiences and accomplishments gave him a personal philosophy: in order to make life rewarding he needed to do his part to make the world a better place and in order to make the world a better place he needed to help others because helping others was really all about healing himself. This personable, caring, authentic behavior is what separates him from other practitioners in the field. Book a session with Austin and experience an immediate, positive shift in your life. Be prepared to ask the deeper questions about where you truly want your life to go. Astrology, tarot, and numerology allowed Austin a new avenue of expression and a way to make a positive difference in others’ lives. He is also a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, in addition to having a deep love for nature. His personable, caring, authentic manner is what separates him from other practitioners in his fields. Book a session with Austin and experience an immediate shift in your life. Be prepared to ask the deeper questions about where you truly want your life to go.

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