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Which Sex and the City Character Are You?


I'm Carrie-the serial monogamist (who loves shoes).

For many women my age Sex and the City was a major part of our 20’s. Every Sunday night our eyes were glued to the TV in anticipation to see what was going to happen next with “our girls”. We identified with these ladies. So much so that every girl in your crew was one of the Sex and the City characters. We all had a Samantha, even if she didn’t want to admit it. I’m Carrie-the serial monogamist (who loves shoes). Carrie either had a man, was looking for a man, or getting over a man. But eventually Carrie found the one-Big.

Well…I’m still Carrie, waiting on my Big. I have so many dating stories that I could write a Candace Bushnell novel. There were the cute jerks, the athletes and the too damn nice dudes. But most of all there were the “unavailables”. These are the men that were either already in relationships, still scarred by the one girl who hurt them five years ago or the guys that did not want to be committed to one girl.

One of my unavailables was a guy that started out as a friend with benefits. It was going really well until I did the one thing that was unacceptable in a friends with benefits relationship. I caught feelings. Oops. So one day he decided that we should try to be together. That lasted about three weeks. He just “couldn’t do it”.

I’ve been stood up, ghosted, broken up with over text, told “you’re a great girl but I’m just not ready…you deserve more…you’re too much”. The one that stung the most was when my boyfriend of two years decided to end the relationship because he wasn’t ready for marriage. And then he got engaged a year later. Hmm…

With all of these dating fails it’s hard to still believe in love. I can admit that some of these pains were self inflicted by choosing the wrong ones. But some were just hurtful, confusing, and really, really hard to deal with.

Carrie dealt with it by having great friends, a great career and a fabulous wardrobe. Any time love knocked her down she got back up. She cussed, cried, went shopping and then she wrote about it. So I’m Carrie-without the Manolos and the New York City apartment. But I’ve cussed, cried, vented to my friends and now I’m writing about it. And I will eventually find my Mr. Big.

Which character are you and why?

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