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” I Believe The Foundation To All Postive Leadership, Begins And Ends With A Positive Mindset ” -Michelle Daniels

This topic brings on a ton of excitement. In one of the previous articles, I mentioned the term ‘Purpose.’ I believe we were all created to do something extremely special and unique, and I believe the God of the universe holds the pathway. I do believe in a higher power, something greater than what the physical eyes (alone) can see, and I believe we were all created to fulfill a purpose in life. I also believe life is extremely beautiful because of it.

I set out a life goal (many years ago) to help people (literally anyone) who would be open to receiving education, on how they could better themselves and their lives. I believe in people having a happy healthy and productive life. I believe in positive leadership.

The path to accomplishing major life goals has never been easy. I have a story. I believe we all do. I come from very humble beginnings, from a broken and downtrodden place in life, but I did not allow that to stop me from evolving into positive growth. I often use the phrase ” a rose that grew from concrete ” because that perfectly explains my life.. even thinking back to those beginning days, to this day, I’m truly grateful.

I believe those very tough times, made me the Woman I am today, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My life goal is to continue moving forward, in able to share my gifts, and my talents with the world. In everything I say.. in everything I do.. I’m always mindful to uphold a positive reflection.

Below are 3 Main Keys I’m sharing on how to Obtain And Maintain A POSITIVE MINDSET:

  1. SPEAK LIFE: Always. This is key. there is POWER in the words you speak over yourself, your life, and your circumstances. No matter how things may “appear” or what they may look like.. no matter the obstacle or challenge  you face..  no matter how dark or cloudy.. you always want to SPEAK positive things to yourself, because it will ALWAYS get better!
  2.  PLUG-IN: It is your main responsibility (as someone who aspires REAL POSITIVE GROWTH) to find positive resources around you, and plug in, and STAY plugged in! Daily! It can be anything positive that enlightens you (Family member, friend, radio personality, life coach, motivational speaker, or anything uplifting and positive on social media) That will ensure your positive growth as you face new, unforeseen challenges.
  3. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: You know.. life has taught me that no matter how positive we can grow to be, as humans, it is crucial to have reinforcement backing you! Get this: even if there is only ONE person you can find in your life to do it! Stick with them! Please understand that even a small number of positive reinforcement in your life, has the ability to overpower multiple negative things or people coming against you! This is TRUTH. Every successful endeavor comes with an accountability partner, and/or some type of positive reinforcement.


I believe the foundation to all positive leadership begins and ends with having a positive mindset, and the only way to get there, is through self investment, and consistency.
Today I’m honored and humbled to be recognized as a positive leader within my family and my community. There is no greater feeling than this, however, I’m ready to take my positive leadership to next level. Join Me! 🙂

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