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Personality is not concrete. It is something that is ever changing in every single moment. You are not your past mistakes nor are you who you see yourself as 10 minutes from now. You are this moment. Society has domesticated you into thinking you possess the traits you possess and that they possess you forever. These are lies. You are new every day. People tend to enjoy labeling so they can have something they can define you by. The thing is words cannot define you. Something forever changing is indescribable.


The fact of the matter is people experience other people in doses. You go out one night, have some drinks and everyone thinks you’re the life of the party. Another night you go to a sober work gathering and are not sure who to mingle with you so you end up at the dessert table waiting until it’d be acceptable for you to leave, all the while people thinking your anti-social. The mind can be the most unstable and unreliable source in the universe if you let it be. You get your information from gossip, the media, conscious thoughts, and unknowingly subconscious ones. All of them being manifestations of falsehoods, all of them being far from the truth than anything because of the simple fact that the truth doesn’t need to be said or told. Truth is. The man that is happy doesn’t look in the mirror and tell himself he is happy, he just is.


Everyone has his or her own perspective, attitude, and compassion towards the world. Unfortunately, many have not come to reach and realize how important the compassionate side is. The reality is that we’re all in this together, so shouldn’t we feel it our responsibility as a fellow human to help make the lives of the others around you better? Rather than judge, define, and not accept views that are different from yours? I beg you. Be open. Listen to opposing ideas. No one is truly right and no is truly wrong. But every mind and body deserves the respect to be heard and given praise too for just sharing his or her point of view. You may disagree, that’s fine, that’s your view. But no need to batter, argue, and develop this negative energy towards that person just so you can get that satisfaction of thinking you’re right. You’re not right, neither am I, neither is anybody. We’re just trying our best out here. Failures are lessons and lessons help us grow. So don’t believe what the others say. You are not that way. You may have been during the short duration you were with them but you have the opportunity and blessing to be new every second. All you can do now is forget past troubles and mistakes and be better than you were a moment ago.

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Born and bred in Fort Lauderdale. Currently at 27 visited countries. Would recommend Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Greece over the rest. Avid reader, movie buff, Orange Theorist, Dolfan, and Overwatcher. XBL: Dettman. Work commercial and residential Real Estate part-time. My purpose is to help those around me overcome mental battles. Please feel free to text me at 954-864-9093 if you are struggling. I'm free!

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