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” The only way to experience real breakthrough in life, is by overcoming the pitfalls of temptation.. ” – Michelle Daniels

Truth of the matter is.. We live in a world that is (without doubt) good -vs- evil. This is factual in more ways than one, beginning and ending with knowledge taught from the Holy Bible. This ongoing battle is real, and through various research and experience I’ve concluded one major truth. In the end, Light (good) will forever dominate and prevail over any darkness (evil) in this life.

As humans, we are constantly battling with the pitfalls of temptation.

I view it this way.. Anytime we make a decision to do good, and better ourselves (and lives) in any way; temptation always seems to present itself.

The range is broad: from making small decisions (such as implementing healthy daily eating habits) to really big decisions (such as staying faithful and committed to God and marriage)

These are the moments we must be aware, and vigilant in able to overcome, and defeat these pitfalls. It all starts with understanding.

Temptation is a tactic used by the enemy (the devil) to throw you off course in life, and ultimately, rob and defeat you in every area of life. The forces of darkness are designed to derail you from any good thing. As children of the most high God, we have inherited Blessings to give us the BEST life has to offer, however the enemy has a mission. That mission is to completely rob us of that inheritance. Temptation is often “disguised” as a “good thing” and appears amazing, appetizing, fulfilling, and harmless; with an end intent to harm and take you out forever. This is why it is imperative to raise awareness when it comes to the traps and snares of the spiritual realm.

Below I’m sharing 3 ways to better understand temptation, so that you can overcome and experience true victory in your overall life:

  1. Instant Gratification: Truth be told. We live in what I often call  a “microwave” generation. People want the “relationship” the “income” the “career” the “family” the “house and car”  the “finer things in life” the “the American dream” and they want it all right now! Because of that, we have a generation of people who are moving into relationships, and building lives on “quick sand” because no one wants to go through process. Here’s the big thing though. The real goodness that God in heaven has laid out for his children (whom he loves dearly) is actually in that process. Temptation (traps of the enemy) on the other hand is extremely impulsive. If you are one who finds yourself moving extremely fast, and taking advantage of any “quick and fast” opportunity that comes your way; just to fulfill a “temporary desire..” 9 out of 10  You are walking the path of Temptation (in other words) The Trap.
  2. Any Disconnect From God: This is a BIG one as a woman of faith, in a faithful relationship with God. I’ve learned through research and experience that many people who “claim” to believe in God, often live life like he’s not even there. At all. They pretend that their actions won’t have an impact on his people, and this is a very false perception to live by. God is a very good God, and his number one concern with his people, are their hearts. Anyone who is deeply connected to God, understands that our hearts, character, and integrity mean most to God, above all things, so we move sincerely on one accord. Because hearts mean most to God, that is the very thing the enemy tries to destroy. Has anyone ever noticed that our deepest betrayals come from those who mean most to our hearts? There’s a rhythm to this. Watch me land. Any disconnect from God, also disconnects someone from the heart, and opens a door of temptation in the form of betrayal and various others. The main key here is to stay connected to God, at any cost because if you disconnect, and fall into temptation, not only is your heart in danger of pain, but those hearts connected to you are also in that same danger of pain.
  3. Seeking Wisdom And Guidance: The very BEST way for anyone to overcome the traps and snares of the enemy is to actively seek wisdom and guidance from trusted sources, who are genuinely connected to the main source: God. We have been taught (from the beginning of time) that wisdom is worth more than any amount of money and/or possessions on this earth. This is TRUTH (see book of Proverbs in Holy Bible) to get started. Wisdom is the Number ONE weapon against temptations. Period. Read that again. It’s definitely a universal truth that has carried many successfully through life, including myself. Wisdom is the one thing that must be intentionally sought after, and intentionally put to use (daily) in able to prevent yourself from becoming a casual default of “the trap”– Temptations. When you understand and grasp that temptations are all around, and they start by what you “see” then wisdom says to intentionally change your “view” Example: Due to a social media generation, most of what we have access to nowadays are visual. If you are someone who is married, and or in a committed relationship.. well then it is only wise to alter what you see through these portals. If you desire to keep your Man or Woman number one, then wisdom against temptation will say: “monitor who and what you watch or see daily ” If faithfulness is the goal, then your online “intake” should be specifically geared towards how to be that faithful person. Anything less, causes disconnect, and the trap awaits. You get the gist.

Wishing you all the BEST for this NEW YEAR!!! May you go forward in wisdom, awareness, knowledge, and determination,to overcome temptations, and become the very BEST YOU!!! See you at the TOP!!!


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