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Overcoming Hardship



In Life, I’ve learned that the most vital key to mastering inner growth (mentally) is overcoming hardships.

What exactly is a hardship?

According to the Webster definition: it is privation, a time of suffering, a condition that is is difficult to endure; and to be honest.. Life has taught me that hardships are absolutely inevitable; regardless of age, stage, race, or background. Hardships can occur in any area of life, and at any given time, so how one handles hardship is what determines real success, from real failure.

I’ve had the privilege within my own life to sit with people from all walks of life (ranging from students in grade school to celebrities) and there was not one successful being I’ve encountered, who didn’t have to overcome hardship (some many hardships) to arrive to the destination that they were in. Life has taught me that perspective is everything.

I look at life like a road trip.

We prepare to take a trip, in able to arrive to a specific destination; just as in life we prepare, and set goals to arrive to a specific destination; and sometimes.. while on a road trip.. one can experience an unforeseen hardship such as a flat tire, or maybe running out of gas (due to delays and/or unforeseen traffic) however, very seldom have I seen or heard of someone experiencing a hardship of this magnitude, and it stopped them from reaching their final destination.

It may have not been easy, it may have felt like a “setback”, it may have seemed unfair that out of 50 other cars on the same highway, your car caught the nail, and blew out, however, if you didn’t give up on reaching your final destination on that highway, and if you endured that setback until (Triple A) or whatever help arrived to help you get back going again; then you can do the very same things within your own personal life.

I’m a firm believer that everything has a reason behind it, no matter how challenging it seems. We are all soo much more stronger than we know, that includes YOU, and sometimes what appears to be a difficult hardship, could actually be protection in one way, and strength in another way. Maybe that flat tire was protection from a drunk driver, or an accident up the highway. Maybe that closed door was a redirection to something GREATER…

The moral of this story is.. you have what it takes(from within) to OVERCOME any hardship that comes your way. Yes, it may not be easy, and it may even seem unfair, however if you don’t give up, and you don’t give in.. you will overcome, and you will arrive to your destination in perfect timing! Here’s where it gets even better.. From having to endure and overcome my very own hardships (which have been many) I’ve learned that I always overcome, and I end up stronger, wiser, and sharper than I’ve ever been. If someone like me can overcome.. ANYONE CAN. the key is PERSPECTIVE. 🙂 wishing whoever is inspired by this the very best!



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