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Certain aspects of life are out of our grasp; unattainable and uncontrollable. However, we all have options. Not one, nor 2 or not even a hundred million. An overwhelming multitude of possibilities. We have the option to achieve greatness, what music you listen to and every detail in between. Freedom of choice. That freedom can lead us down paths to a realm of evil and suffering or to the fields of Elysium. We attempt to consider the variables out of our control, anxiously making a decision. Eventually after countless times of calculating the risk and reward we choose one we think we know the outcome of. Never fully certain. Even when it is an option we feel an urge to peruse.

Pressure begins to mount on us to choose the “right” option, whether it is the right option for us or not. Internal and external struggles ensue. Expectations are to be met or suffer the consequence of disappointment. Beady eyes lurk in the shadows scrutinizing every move you make, only emerging from the darkness to show disdain for your preferred options. Subtlety forcing you towards the path of their desired dreams. Often hidden in the pretense of love, they believe they know what’s best for you. You look at the lives they’ve led, failing to understand how they can know what’s best. It’s your life, you should be able to dictate how you want to live it. Once you go down your own path they try to sabotage you by sowing a seed of doubt in your mind, only making you more afraid and confused about your own dreams.

There should be no misunderstanding, that living your dreams is more important than fulfilling someone else’s. As you begin filling your life with happiness and everything else you need, you can do that for others. The misconception is that there is a wrong option to choose. That you can’t mess up and make mistake after mistake. It can all go disastrously wrong and you can still make something of it. We worry too much about behaving the right way, not know what the right is. When we should trust our intuition. Follow our path. Choose our options. Live our lives.

Options may or may not happen. That’s all they are. Options. Some might come along clear and present themselves to us, they seldom do. Waiting for them will leave you grasping at any trivial scraps that others disregard. That tactic will leave us barely surviving. We can however almost hand pick the options we want; have to fight for them, biting the bullet to make decisions that send you down the wrong path to reach the one calling you. It’s like chasing the magical rainbow in search of the elusive pot of gold. There are a lot of rainbows, it’s not going to be at the end of everyone. Might take a few to find it. You’ll have to contend with others who are searching. When you find it, you’ll know it’s all been worth it. Then when you bask in the sun you’ll be thankful you chose the “right” option.

We do have one option that is forever there: should never be considered a viable option. Simply sitting back and watching the world go by as we fade into oblivion. Fulfilling nothing, becoming nobody.


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