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Nothing Irritates Me More Than Stagnancy


Nothing irritates me more than stagnancy

“The job hunt is tough.”

I heard that while I was in college and i’m hearing it a lot more now that I’ve finished with school. I’m applying everywhere and not just mindlessly either; I apply for positions that I am genuinely interested in or have passion for and i apply for positions I know I am qualified for. I know my worth as a potential employee, I know my skills, my expertise, and the qualities that would make me the ideal candidate, but something happens when it’s been weeks upon weeks and you still haven’t heard back from x, y, and z. It’s even worse when you do hear back, you go for the interviews, and then… nothing. So the questions begin and doubt follows.

There are questions you ask yourself, questions your family asks you, questions your friends want so bad to pose but they’re too afraid to poke the bear.

* * *

If you let it, the anxiety can drive you crazy. I know because it’s certainly done a number on me already. It’s taken a hit on my self-esteem, especially when family members give me that look. It irks me because I hate pity, and you know what I hate even more? Stagnancy.

I believe that we should all steer clear — all of us — from stagnancy, because once we become too compliant with it and too comfortable with it, we end up as complacent beings. And that’s just a losing game.

For a long time (painfully long and I’m sort of ashamed to say it, but i won’t shy away from the truth) I beat myself up over it. I began comparing myself to others who had somehow found jobs so easily; almost as if opportunities just fell into their lap. And it felt like my issues only got worse.

Stagnancy is not the choice I’m going to make.

So, every day, I pull out my bullet journal, and I set a routine for the day. I wake up at a set time. I divide my tasks into pleasure and mastery respectively. What does that mean? Pleasure tasks are the things that give me a sense of gratitude: Listen to a new podcast. Write a poem, read a poem. Meditate. Do yoga. Watch your favorite show. Mastery tasks are the things that you do in order to feel accomplished and good about yourself: Pay your bills, call a friend you’ve been meaning to see for the longest time, reorganize your room entirely, and set an attainable, quantifiable goal. Run an errand. Apply for jobs. Try a new recipe. Start learning a new language. Check volunteer listings and try one out.

When you actively practice self-care and create new goals for yourself everyday, you are giving yourself a gift.

“The Universe rewards movement, and just by taking steps you will find your energy, self-esteem, confidence and well-being returning to balance.” – Unknown 

This is so true. December and January were rocky months for me, but by the end of January, I took matters into my own hands. I got back up on my feet — as hard as it was at the time — and I chose to pull away from self-doubt and stagnancy.

So, today, how will you choose yourself?


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