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My Madness Helps Me


Do you find yourself talking out loud to yourself, when you get nervous? Do you find that it helps? …


Me too! I think we’ve heard the saying ‘Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness’. Well … so be it! I think if talking to yourself, out loud, helps you get through certain tasks and hurdles in life, then do it.


Anxiety can trigger, for most people, in ANY circumstance, or time and place. That can mean that you’re not around friends and family, to guide you through a panic attack. It can mean that you’re by yourself and have to navigate through your mental state, alone. Being able to do that is a great skill and makes you stronger and stronger, each time.


If I have anxious thoughts, that overrule and drowns the voice inside me, telling me to be calm – speaking those calm thoughts, out loud, can make all the difference! I can talk myself through something and convince myself to push through. It’s almost like coaching myself.

‘You’re ok…’, ‘Just breathe …’, ‘Don’t over think it…’


… Words of encouragement. There’s nothing silly about helping yourself and working through a panic attack, simply by talking.


Therefore, if talking to yourself is in fact a sign of madness, then I welcome it.


My madness helps me.

Rhiannon Thomassen Profile


A free spirit who loves to write, sing, create and share with the world through words, positive thinking and good vibes. My articles on here are heavily focused on positive thinking, creativeness and mental health.

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