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Memoirs of a Manic Mind Vol.2


As I unravel my psyche delving deep into the exploration of my mind. I face the possibility of having all of my hardships personified a second time (both equally disdained); the beautiful part about the present is presently few are ready. Therefore my existence consisted of a lot of inconsistencies.

I am not a spiteful man, nor do I lack compassion. My journey consists of a mind ostracised by the complexities inside, and the inability to find balance. I started my journey ignorant about Mental Health learning I wasn’t alone. The unfortunate part is all biases are brought forth from the inability to relate. Empathy is commonly achieved after walking in someone else’s shoes. (With that being said); I do pray for change.

Reminiscing I remember muttering to myself: “I wish my depression was caused by something.” I instantly became envious of my peers wishing for stability in my life. Ironically this is our commonality: the longing for normalization. I didn’t know it yet but that thought was my first bit of acceptance. The harshness of my tone amplified a volume that wasn’t my own. I learned I too hated what I didn’t understand, and so begins my level of understanding.

What makes Mental Health so detrimental is the inequity in equality. Us as individuals belong to a society that has unified our commonalities while ostracizing our inherent uniqueness. My point is bipolar is a Mental Illness with two neurological extremes. Meaning normalization has now become a normal solution to an abnormal problem. Understand being Bipolar there isn’t always a direct correlation to your mood and your behavior. So the influx creates behavioral patterning to cope with the instability so you don’t develop the ability to problem solve, build relationships, or experiences consistency due to inconsistencies.

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Just another Good-Guy

I owe a lot to numerous amazing teachers that have sparked a passion in me, by helping me find my gift, I always had a lot to express, and well... writing was the most constructive way to express myself. Typical delinquent behavior turned good guy vibe. Turns out my struggle is my gift, and life experience has given my words flavor (mocha).

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