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Magic: Trust. Know. Believe.


A couple of years ago, I spent an afternoon playing with my then five-year-old niece. We were in a land of make believe: dragons, unicorns, and sword fighting. As children do, she had (and still has) a wild imagination and a love of unicorns. That day, I remember her saying, “No Auntie, pretend.” Oh how we lose our creativity, our playfulness, our imagination and a belief in magic as we get older. Much of our focus is usually work, bills, kids and stress. And when things do not happen fast enough, we become even more frustrated.

When we are stressed and cling to the thing we so desperately want, we are not in a state of allowing, we are not in the flow of life. Yes, the universe supports action. Yes, we must take action towards the things we want, but we also need to allow the universe to take care of the “how”. Like magic, the universe makes our dreams come true in ways beyond our wildest imaginations.

Here’s how I see it: Hold out your hand and make a fist. Go on, make the tightest fist you can. Imagine the very thing you want is in your hand, clenched and unable to breathe. How can energy flow into and around the thing clenched in your fist? It can’t. Now gently open your hand, like a delicate flower blooming, allowing whatever it is you want so badly to sit lightly in the palm of your hand. See how much better that feels?

When we become too intellectual, analytical or stuck in black and white thinking, we leave no room for magic. Why? Because we seem to think we “know” how it’s all going to work out. Like a list, if I do A, B and C….I’ll create D. This is what I consider the intellectual mind. But when D doesn’t happen, we start to question ourselves: What is wrong with me? Why can’t I create D? I did everything I am “supposed to” do. We are so focused on what we don’t have even though we write in our gratitude journals daily, immediately correct the negative self-talk, etc. Yet the very thing we want doesn’t happen.

When we do “all the right things”, the next step is to let go. Let go of the attachment to the very thing we want so desperately, and allow for life to flow as it should. Remaining stuck in our intellectual minds instead of our hearts, we keep ourselves blocked from moving forward because we logically do not see a path. Like taking one step at a time in the dark, allow and believe the next step will be there. That’s where the magic happens: in trusting, believing and knowing the next step will be there. If you believe the next step won’t be there unless you intellectualize, analyze, over think, and try to know every exact detail of what’s going to be there, then there is no room for magic.

If we physically do something each day towards our dream and allow the magic to flow to us and through us, and with the ease of allowing, the universe takes care of the rest.

What’s in your heart? What is your body telling you? Your body will tell you what it needs if you ask and then listen. Same with creating your dreams into reality. Ask, what is the next step? Take action. What is the next step? Take action. Trust.  Know. Believe.

Move into your heart space and let the magic take over.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. – Glenn Turner

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As a certified spiritual awakener & ThetaHealing® practitioner, Kate is passionate about assisting others in learning the road blocks potentially holding them back from happiness and living a life true to themselves. She is a self-published author of "I Didn’t Know I Was Dying and How I Live(d)", where she shares her story to inspire others to never wonder “what if” and live with no regrets. Visit to learn more.

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