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“And now these 3 remain: Faith, Hope, and Love.. but the Greatest of these is LOVE ” –
I believe love is the is the highest level of vibration within the universe. When one taps into that vibration, I believe they experience life in a way, like never before.  Out of over 7 billion people in this world, the one thing I believe our hearts truly desire is love.. in other words, acceptance.
The power of Love is life changing (to say the least) and it knows no demographic. It is available for anyone, at anytime; no matter your age, gender, race, status, or location in life. I believe Love has the same effect that sunlight has on plants. Without sunlight, there is only darkness, and lack of growth exists; but with light.. there is a warm embrace, where growth and freedom exist.
Unfortunately, we now live in a society that wants to shut Love out. A society that criticizes and judges Love, but I believe those are the people (who deep within) desire Love MOST. I have a very unique life mission. My mission is to do any and everything within my power to help keep LOVE alive in this generation.
I want to share the power of love in ways like never before, in hopes to restore the brokenness that lives within so many hearts.
I believe we are all worthy of Love. No matter what life has handed us. To me, Love will always be the greatest gift. Love endures. Love fights the good fight. Love  is life. ♥️
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