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Living Your Life For You


In today’s society, it may seem that we are torn between multiple opinions on how we should live our lives and what we should want for ourselves. But that is exactly all they are – opinions. The pressures of living up to what other people think you should be doing, can take a great toll on your mental health and happiness. It can even steer you away from who you are as a person, or down a path that is not right for you.

The simple answer? Live life for you. 

Yes, we have to do things in life we don’t always enjoy. That’s just part of life. It’s learning to find the positive, in a negative situation. However, some things in life aren’t absolute. Some things in life do not have one answer or solution that must be followed. Opinions are had by all – that’s a wonderful and annoying thing in life but, they do not all have to be applied. You don’t have to follow someone else’s opinion, to the point of where your life is dictated and planned out by someone that is not you.

Take a deep breath and look at your situation. Does it make sense to do it? Does it make you happy? That doesn’t make you a selfish person, or reckless. It doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible. It makes you fearless, empowered and brave to accept nothing less than what you deserve and want. 

Hopes and Dreams

You may often hear that letting go of things and being realistic helps you progress and move forward in life. Although elements of that are true, perseverance in your own hopes and dreams and steering your life towards what YOU want is just as important.

No one else lives your life but you. You only get to live your life once. So, surely it makes sense for you to be the one driving it? 

Choosing a healthy and happy mentality (and life!), over seeking approval and validation by others is what should be a priority and important to you. Loving yourself and loving your mind, accepting your dreams and goals. Those aren’t bad traits or rules to live by. It’s ultimately making sure you live a life that is one you won’t ever regret and that is yours.

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A free spirit who loves to write, sing, create and share with the world through words, positive thinking and good vibes. My articles on here are heavily focused on positive thinking, creativeness and mental health.

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