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When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you grab is your phone; You open your FB or Instagram to see how many likes or hearts you got from the last photo you posted – You then based your feelings upon how many likes you got. Can you relate? Why do we need validation from Social Media?

We now live in a world where we try to get validation from other people. If we don’t get as many likes, we feel as though we are not good enough. And if we get hundreds of likes, we feel as though we’re superior enough, or that we must have a lot of friends who actually like us – Of course I am talking about this because it’s true story for me.

I love Photography, I like to share my thoughts on Instagram, and I also like to share some of my creativity through Social Media. I use hashtags so that people can see what I have posted and they can either ignore or put a heart on it. It does feel good when you get a lot of likes, of course, I am not going to lie. But what doesn’t feel good is when you have followers you know personally and they either ignore your post, or they just don’t give a “hoot” about what you are posting. Either way, it still doesn’t feel good, right?

I used to post just for the sake of sharing where I was, what I was eating and who I was with. There was no sense of, “why am I posting this?”. All I know is, I want people to know the things I was doing, but never really share the things I don’t want them to see. Why?

Then a shift happened a year ago for me. Although I have always been posting uplifting messages on Instagram and on Facebook. I was no longer looking for validation from anybody on my social network. My intent now is solely to inspire whoever would read or see my posts. So I don’t share just about anything anymore. However, when I do share, it’s always based on my intention that the message must be inspiring. I want to share things that would make a difference in people’s lives. Even if that means inspiring one person, that’s good enough for me.

I do not need to see the hearts anymore; I just need to know that I did my job.

No more validation, only intention to inspire.

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