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I write to you from a little town in the depths of the Midwest. A place where Jimmy Johns was founded, everyone knows everyone, and where Walmart or El Rancherito is as exciting as it gets (a little dramatic, but you get my point). I lived here till I was five and moved to a suburban town in metro Detroit after my parents divorced. Although I visited often, I never ever saw myself having a life here of my own. After living in Chicago for five years while aspiring to be a professional ballet dancer, the Universe brought me back to this small town. I had a litttttle bit of a mental breakdown, was clinically diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, severe anxiety, and long story short…here I am.

Initially, moving back home felt like one of my biggest lows, but after I slightly got my life back together (still a work in progress), things started falling into place. I started college, I got a couple jobs, I met amazing people, and I learned that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be at this particular time and place. Throughout the past six years I’ve gone through a lot, but I’ve grown a lot too.

In the middle of everything happening outside and around me, at the most random times, I’ve had some life changing realizations where I see that everything is okay. I see that it’s all going to work out no matter what. I want to share with you some of these things I’ve learned recently that have helped & forever influenced me towards a better self:


  • Everything happens for a reason & all that is meant to be will be: Sometimes it takes time to realize why all the shitty things happen as they do, but for me I’ve noticed it’s only brought positivity in the most unexpected ways. Life is hard and can be painful. No one enjoys the unnecessary drama or frustrations that make you feel forever misunderstood and kill your vibe, but it can show you exactly what you don’t need in your life. When you step outside of yourself & let the universe do its thing, you realize that if we are grateful and trusting…things will work out as they should.
  • Trust your intuition: Listen to yourself!! In my experience my gut hasn’t failed me. It’s all about trust and being in tune with your deepest self! Trust in you, trust in The Universe. Know that if you put positive energy out into the world, it will come back to you. If you have a bad vibe about something or someone, it’s probably accurate. Pay attention to how you feel & I guarantee it will be beneficial.
  • Other people & their opinions don’t matter: They truly DON’T. It’s crazy how good you feel once you let go of this. I think this one goes hand in hand with loving yourself, and it’s extremely hard to overcome. Once you are able to recognize it and do your thing, you realize when people are negative, they are pushing their insecurities out on you and probably living an unfulfilling life. Once you let go and be yourself…amazing things happen!
  • Love Yourself: This one is important! You have this body, mind, and spirit for the rest of your life. Why not give yourself the most enjoyable experience here on Earth while you can? Would you treat or talk to someone you love how you do to yourself? If you don’t love yourself, not only will you consistently be mean to yourself and bring your frequency down, you won’t let anyone else love you either. It’s important to be nice to ourselves and there is a difference between being totally conceited & being confident. When you can give yourself your own validation & reassurance, you become unstoppable. People are often threated by those who love themselves because of their own insecurities and problems. Jealousy is too big a burden to bare. It’s not wrong to love your body, your style, a picture of yourself, or a quality you have. We need to recognize all qualities about ourselves and embrace it. Be proud of how great you are.
  • The Universe works in mysterious ways: This last one goes along with putting trust in the universe. I believe it truly does work in mysterious ways. We will never truly know all the answers and why everything happens as it does, but I believe in fate and everything I have mentioned above. When I connect with people & feel they have come into my life at the perfect time, submitting and getting the opportunity to write for “The Good Quote”, having so many coincidental experiences and intuitive feelings come to fruition all assured me of this idea. The universe will manifest and help you get what you want, if you send good vibes out into it.


I’m not telling you that I have it all figured out. I get frustrated, moody, and question why things happen all the time. Even when you make realizations, it’s hard to change your habits that have been ingrained in you for as long as you can remember. The Universe tests me all the damn time. For example: When I let petty drama get to me & act like I’m in high school again, or when I totally forget something is due for school the next day and I haven’t started it, or when I lock myself out of my own car…oh, here’s a good one; I discovered the other week that I had been drinking decaf coffee for literally three weeks and had no clue. I was PISSSSED lol. Don’t even get me started about life when mercury is in retrograde…the universe be throwin’ me some serious shade.

What I’m saying is that although life throws us these annoyances & obstacles, it’s to teach us something & help us grow. If you really want something, you will do what it takes to do it, and the universe will help you. Be thankful. See the good in things. Trust yourself. If you put positivity out into the world, you will attract that. Trust yourself, trust the universe, and know that all that’s meant to be will be.

xx Em

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Philosophy & Anthropology Student

- Gemini - Travel - Writing - Learning - Good Vibes - Astrology - Adventure - Deep Conversations - Trust the Universe. Everything happens for a reason, and all that's meant to be will be. "Don't believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that...thoughts." xx

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