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” If You Do Not Know WHO You Are, It Is Impossible To Do What You Were Created To DO.” – Michelle Daniels


What is Identity?

By definition, identity is: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. When we are born into this world, we are given an identity. Most may immediately think of a birth certificate, or even a social security card; and don’t get me wrong.. those important documents are definitely necessary (In able to fully function in the physical world) however, our identities are much more VAST than just that.

Unfortunately, We live in a world (and in a society) where the majority of people are utterly and completely LOST when it comes to the discovery of  their identities. As a Life Coach, my passion involves helping others to discover who they really are in this life. If you are alive today, that means you have a PURPOSE.

Purpose? What’s that?

Glad you asked!

Purpose is kind of like a special, exclusive assignment. It is a mission, a service, a very good deed, that exceeds just a degree, and a 9-5 alone. We were given LIFE for something far much more GREATER than just a degree and a paycheck. Life was given not to just build.. but to Fulfill. Purpose is pretty much a customized “super power” that was placed on the inside of you from the GOD of our universe (our higher power) to live out. I am fortunate enough to say.. I’ve traveled a bit, and throughout my personal life’s journey I’ve met many individuals from all walks of life, who were not initially aware, or even clear about their purpose in life. That alone inspires me, and fulfills my purpose; which is to help as many people (around he world) as possible, find and fulfill theirs.

There are steps to discovering your real purpose in life. From experience, it doesn’t happen like “magic” or in a zap! It takes understanding, patience, work, and persistence to live out; however, it is the most rewarding! This entire process starts by understanding that purpose leads to identity. Period. Many, many people work a job, and live a life that they are not truly fulfilled with. I’m here to shine light, that it doesn’t have to be that way! Ever. I’ve personally met tons of people who are miserable because they work solely to make “ends meet” as opposed to working in the arena of their purpose; and let’s be honest.. there’s no REAL fulfillment in life with just that.

Every time I cross paths with an individual living out their purpose, it is a very pleasant experience! There is a light that illuminates so strong within them, which confirms to me that they have truly discovered their identity. I firmly believe there is no greater feeling than this! Life was given to us to truly LIVE, and not merely just exist. Always remember that. Below I Am sharing 3 main keys to jump start anyone into their purpose, in able to discover their true identity in life:


  1.  Pay Close ATTENTION: To the the things that extremely excite you, or extremely ignite anger within you. It doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum the feeling is on.. if it continuously “tugs” or “pulls” at your heart; that is the greatest indicator that it’s linked to your purpose, which reveals your identity. Once you are solid in those 2 things, that means you have what it takes to make all the Positive difference in that specific arena.
  2. Take ACTION: immediately! Purpose is the one thing that should never be taken lightly, ever. The main reason is because your purpose is linked to helping someone else in need. Look at it this way: finding your identity and living your purpose is like a bridge for someone’s journey. The purpose of a bridge is to help others cross over in able to meet a specific destination, and those that you were specifically created to help, are not fully able to “cross over” If your purpose or “bridge” is not in place. Take action immediately.
  3. Stay consistent with your AMBITION: I’ll be completely honest.. discovering your identity and living out your purpose is not an easy thing to do. Again, it takes real work (inwardly and outwardly) commitment, dedication, diligence, understanding, patience, and a crazy level of ambition and determination. Why does it take all of that? Glad you asked! The reason is: going for your purpose, and discovering your identity is the same thing as going against the grain. It’s NOT conforming to the traditional pattern of this world, and society. It’s doing things in a way that many around you may not understand themselves, therefore you need that drive in able to overcome naysayers, nonbelievers, judgments, criticism, and anything else that may try to stop or discourage you from moving forward in your purpose.

The BEST news is..

Once you tap into that fire.. that magic.. that real FULFILLMENT of what you were truly created by God to live out; it is undeniably PRICELESS. That feeling alone is enough fuel to live out your purpose without question, and your identity keeps you strong throughout it’s ups and downs; because you will know without doubt that you were made for your specific, special life assignment, and so much more! Wishing you all the best on your journey! Life is so much more worth it when you live on PURPOSE! Blessings Believers!



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