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How I use photos and postcards to relieve mental tension


Channeling your thoughts or tensions through the right way has always stood out to be something most people with mental breakdowns tend not to achieve fully. Most people fail to do so not because they don’t want to, but merely not having the right channels to do so. Well, for me I chose photos and postcards that have me Sending Photo Postcards Online to friend or families whenever I feel the need to vent off some broiled up mental tension.

I use Photos or Postcards to bring about a kind of therapy that gives encouragement to my creativity and self-expression which i use as a channel to reduce stress, increase my awareness, improve my self-esteem and always helps me feel better whenever I feel traumatized. Unlike many other forms of therapy which rely most on verbal language to express emotions and personal obstacles, Photos and Postcards can be used to bring about a therapy that allows other, more ideal forms of communication. This skillful art technique gives room for components of the innermost conscious that are possibly not yet ready or able to be verbalized come to the surface.

The following are some of the simple ways I use to explore my inner creative voice while turning off any kind of negative energy that always gets on my way. They might not all work for you, but hopefully one or even more will serve the artistic equivalent of a long, hot bath.

Designing a postcard you don’t intend to send to someone

It does not really matter whether it’s a love note to someone you are not ready to confess your feelings to, or an angry rant that you’d better not talk about, sometimes putting down all the fine details helps in getting rid of the issues at hand. Writing texts is always therapeutic in its own way, but designing the postcard makes the object attain more value. It allows one to activate different parts of the brain while relaxing in way that resembles the colorings in a coloring book. You can do this with a Photo Postcard App on your IPhone or Photo Postcard App for android conveniently on your phone. Immediately after tossing that signed Postcard in the trash bin, or hide it away somewhere private in your house, you will begin noticing some of its message has lost power.


How Photos become Handy to me

I always keep vocational photos and postcards around; they really play a very important role in releasing mental tension. This helps me a lot in releasing stressful thoughts. When you feel stressed up, look at your photo or image for a moment, close your eyes afterwards and try imagining all the sensation you were feeling in that place-what you smelt at, how you felt, what you heard, and what you tasted among others. This artful technique will calm you by focusing you attention on the physical sensations of your whole body as you visualize a particular relaxing scene that you were at in the photo. With these photos, you can easily create a postcard with the app and create a customized message to whoever you are sending. Imagine sharing your exact feelings for the photo with someone special. How relieving can that be?



Draw your Postcards in total darkness

Draw some arts for you postcards in total darkness, since much of the stress we experience when making art photos or paintings comes from the criticism and judgements that seem unavoidable in our everyday lives. When you make art in total darkness, it allows us to make art free from that inner art critic inside our head. You are suddenly freed to up to create lines, patterns, shapes simply because you feel like you should. Then you switch on the lights, you will be surprised at what you find, take a photo of your new creation send it to the app and just like that you will have your postcard. Like we said earlier, your postcards are not meant to be sent to someone. Get rid of them or keep them far to get rid of the bad sentiments that disturb your head.


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