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Hugs like Drugs


Big isn't always better.
Sometimes the smallest gestures have the largest impact.

Breakup Time


I can feel the warm sensation, the soothing energy in the air.

It excites me in a way that brings calmness when I inhale.

My body becomes covered in a tingling sensation with each breath that passes through me.

My anxious heartbeat begins to slow down and settle, like a feather drifting in the breeze.

My heartbeat transforms from the loud outbursts of the hour being signaled on a grandfather clock, to the quiet, consistent, ticking of the seconds’ hand.

My chest begins to relax as my breathing rhythm changes, I’m able to pause for a brief moment, before exhaling again.

A feeling takes over, a feeling that I am not ashamed to say I love.

This feeling of lightness blankets me so well, it’s as if it weighs 100 pounds.

I take comfort in its weighted  feelings of security, as it provides me with a combined sense of release and relief.

My body becomes strengthened  again, as if it has been watered like a tree and born anew.

As each root in my body becomes connected with the ground beneath me; I feel the muscles in my face begin to tighten, as a smile spreads across my lips.

Who knew its healing powers would be so strong.

This feeling reassures me that all will work out as it should, as the burdens and stress  that bothered me only moments ago eject themselves from my mind and disappear.

Our bodies become one and I rejoice in the feeling of togetherness, grateful that I can unwind and let go at this time.

Although the physical connection is starting to become loosened, it does not matter.

The affects of your powers have decided to reside in me, in a permanent way.

As I take pride in knowing this, the tight muscles on my face grow even tighter as my teeth are now showing in my smile.

As our bodies disconnect and you put your arms back at your side, it is I who feels as though I have succeeded in a good deed,

Because there is no greater reward then asking the one you love for a hug.





Ty Thomas Profile



A writer with a story. A lover with a broken heart. A poetess who decided to survive, and heal my wounds with words.

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