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” I believe hope is the fuel that keeps us moving forward ” -Michelle Daniels
This topic means so much to me in many ways. I believe life has equipped us with a purpose, something greater than just ourselves,however, it can be very challenging for most to see that.
We live in a world where most people glorify the superficial, which can make it very challenging for others to see, and feel what’s real in their very own lives. I believe we all need a valid reason to face another day, to go for that dream job, to push for that promotion, etc, however.. without HOPE, it all seems impossible.
I believe we all have a destiny in life, and I believe life is equipped with all of the tools to get us there; however, I’ve learned the biggest difference between those who reach their destination, and those who don’t, deal with a strong level of hope (ambition) or lack there of.
I like to use the analogy of a vehicle. The practical purpose of a vehicle is to transport us to a specific destination. The Same principles apply to life. If you’re a driver, then you can understand in able for your car to successfully make it to a destination, it must have the proper fuel it needs.
I believe life holds our destiny, the vehicle represents purpose, and the only way to fuel that purpose is through hope.. Life is truly the greatest gift, if one understand how important is it to have hope as a main essential. Those Who are hopeful, experience so much more out of life, in a positive way. My motto will always be ” Keep Hope Alive”, and although sometimes it’s not easy, it will always be worth it. ♥️
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