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Screw Gofundme, If I can Sell 400 Copies of My Book It’ll Help Me Go Back to School!


If I can sell 400 copies of my book, Unrequited: Things I Learned from Trying to Love the Wrong People, it will help me go back to school with less student debt.

Over the years I have floundered over what to do. I have tirelessly worked from job to job, almost without thanks, and never really found any true passion in what I was doing. However, when I turned 25 a couple of years ago I somehow fell in love with skincare. It’s something I’ve discovered that I thoroughly enjoy, that relaxes me in the evening, and that I love being able to chat with other people about.

Find Your Passion

Recently I’ve decided to take a leap and turn skin care into a career. On December 10th, I will be going back to school to become an esthetician, with the end goal of becoming a medical esthetician. Thankfully a pell grant covers a small portion of my tuition; however, for the rest I am  going to have to take out a loan. So why am I asking for help? And what exactly am I asking for? First, debt terrifies me. From a very young age I grew up in a family who struggled with debt. Often times it was difficult and I’ve tried very hard in my adult years to keep myself out of debt as much as I can, which is why I’m here.

I have nothing against Gofundme, but instead of creating a campaign simply asking for donations, I’m asking for help in another way–in a way where you will receive something in return for helping me. Rather than just donating money, you can purchase a copy of my book, read my heartfelt story on abuse and relationships, and know that in result of your purchase I can use my royalties from the sales to hopefully pay off an unsubsidized loan that I don’t want to accrue much interest.

As a self-published author my audience isn’t that of a New York Times Best Seller. Everything I do, I do on my own. So I’m hoping that if the stars somehow align this article can somehow get enough traction to allow this dreamer to finally do instead of just dreaming. Which is why I’m attempting to utilize going back to school to help promote the books I have published over the last two years, especially my second, because writing will always be a passion no matter what I’m doing or where I’m working.

I’m sure you’re wondering: well why don’t you just work to pay off the debt? And I will be. In fact, while in school five days a week I will be working three to four days a week on top of that. However, being a full time student in the esthetician program the hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30am to 5pm every day. So with limited options to work, I thought why not promote the work that I have published as a means to hopefully not drown myself in student debt.

Life’s Too Short

After doing the math, if I can somehow sell 400 copies of my beautiful second book, Unrequited, it will help pay for a good portion of that unsubsidized student loan. Which is why I’m doing something I hardly ever do. I’m asking for help–for support that so many of my fellow indie artists never receive because they’re not of celebrity caliber.

I know that this article isn’t short like I was hoping to make it. I know that 400 book sales is a crazy number, but life is too short not to try. If you feel inclined to help, thank you. Whether you buy yourself, your brother, or even your mother a copy… thank you. Anything and everything helps. If you can’t, I hope that you will at least share this article. If I don’t sell anywhere close to 400, I will probably have embarrassed myself, but at least I tried. Regardless, thank you for reading this far. I appreciate it.

  • Unrequited is available on Amazon by clicking here. It is a book I wrote in attempt to turn abuse into art–writing about topics like emotional abuse, therapy, and the beauty of self-worth.
  • If you wanted to check out my other book, The Dark Dictionary, feel free to  click here or here. This book is about the beauty of finding the light in the darkness–that if you change your mind you change your life.

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Andrew Kendall is a Southern California based author with a serious case of wanderlust. He is both an advocate for mental health and a lover of self-help books. Mesmerized at a young age by the world of magic created by J.K. Rowling, Andrew vowed to one day become an author himself in hopes that his words would inspire the lives of those around him. @andrewwrichard

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