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Simple Reminders To Living A Happy Lifestyle


Living a happy lifestyle can be broken down to 5 simple reminders you can live by every day.

Your life is your reality. You can live it the way you want it, but live it in a way that it will help you truly become a better person — becoming a better person is different for everyone. For some, it’s about finding happiness.

Why is it still so hard for some to live a happy life when we come across so much positivity every single day? Maybe these reminders will help you in attaining a consistent “happiness outlook” on life.

5 Simple Reminders To Living A Happy Lifestyle:

1. Stay Positive

The most cliche and probably the hardest reminder to follow. Because how can you possibly stay positive through a tough time? How do you force yourself to smile or laugh? Those who are saying that it does not help are the most negative people to begin with, so why listen to them. Try your best to stay positive by doing activities you love and talking to people who have a positive disposition — others good vibe can be very contagious, stick with them!

Of course, it’s hard to stay positive while going through a challenging time, but trying not to think too much about your worries helps too. Being “care-less” about things you don’t have control over is where you can begin to feel the positivity in your imperfect life. Accepting that not all good things happen in life, yet you still manage to move on is another positive thought (or mindset) to hold on to while going through it.

2. Challenge Yourself

Challenging activities are beneficial to your overall well being. For instance running a half marathon and setting a time goal to finish the race. A simple word puzzle helps your mind to think. Studies have shown that any activities that challenge the mind will help with the growth of new neurons in certain parts of your brain. Like the hippocampus which is thought to be the center of your memory and emotions. Wouldn’t it be great to remember and reminisce moments in your life that made you the happiest? Challenging yourself helps your mind to stay young, sharp and focused.

3. Share A Lot Of Love

Show love and compassion to others as much as you give yourself. When waking up in the morning make it your intention to Love. A happy life will seek you when you do. Sometimes it is not easy to show love especially in tough times or when you are in a negative situation. Try your hardest to love, even to the ones who’ve done you wrong. There is no better way to live a happy life than to share the love – A LOT!

4. Pray

Never forget to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Every day there are so many things to be grateful for — you wake up every morning, eat every day, a house you call home, a family that supports you, a partner who loves you, a job you probably do not like but pays the bills and you live in a Country where freedom exists. Always pray and give thanks especially for the little things in your life. Simple but works wonders for living a happy life.

5. Love Your Life

Last but certainly not the least simple reminder is — LOVE YOUR LIFE! When you do, life just becomes easy. Appreciate everything that’s around you (another cliche, I know). But you exude what you truly feel — be it Love.


Live by these 5 simple reminders to help you cope with negativity in your life. These could also be your guiding light to a happier and healthier well being. Of course, you go through moments where things are hard to accept. But simply tell yourself, “Life’s like that — it already happened — I have no control over that — move on”, repeat.

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