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Foods That Fight Anxiety.


Foods that reduce Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety? Are you in need of anxiety busting foods? Well, apparently there are certain foods, that have been proven to help reduce and prevent anxiety. What are these superfoods? …


These are probably the number one food hype of 2016 and have been trending possibly since late 2015. They have made their way into fashion, emoji’s on our phones and it turns out for a good reason! They are one of the best superfoods for all health reasons and thankfully, anxiety falls under this category.  Vitamin B is something our body needs for healthier nerves and brain cells. It is thought that our emotions and anxious feelings may be rooted down to a vitamin B deficiency. Therefore, Avocados being rich in stress-relieving vitamin B, it’s a no brainer that we should be jumping on the Avocado hype train and getting our daily fix.

Tip: If your avocados aren’t quite ripe yet, place them next to bananas!

Additional Bonus: They’re great for people with high blood pressure, as they are high in monounsaturated fat and potassium.




Asparagus we often think of as that vegetable that can’t be used for much other than steaming, or roasting and even then there seems to be a love hate relationship. However, like all foods, it’s about learning how to cook it with/in things that compliment it’s flavour, so that you can enjoy it regularly and reap the health benefits that it provides. What are those benefits? Well, asparagus contains folic acid, which studies have shown people with depression having low levels of. Advice? Start munching on this green mood-enhancing nutrient and get your happy levels up.

Cooking suggestion: Cook in an omelette, or frittata.




We love them in muffins, we love them on our pancakes and waffles, we load them into our smoothies. Why? Because they are very tasty! But, they are also considered extremely beneficial for relieving stress. They are rich in vitamins, and contain a variety of antioxidants that all contribute to decreasing our stress levels.

Tip: Freeze them in your freezer, then use in your blender to make an ice cold smoothie, with other frozen berries and low fat yogurt/soy yoghurt, or orange juice to really start your day off, filled with heavenly nutrients.




Almonds seem to have been an underrated food. Mostly because we think of almonds in foods, rather than a food on its own. We think of cakes and treats if anything! But, they make a brilliant snack alone and of course contain their own health benefits. They contain iron, healthy fats and zinc; which is an essential nutrient for maintaining a balanced mood. So, next time you’re in need of a snack and go to reach for those doughnuts and bags of potato chips, opt for a handful of almonds! Filling, tasty and good for your body.




They are a food that helps the calm-inducing hormone serotonin flowing through our body. Oats that require cooking are higher in fibre and so they take longer to digest, which means that their calming effect lasts longer. Therefore, the biggest piece of advice here would be to choose cooking oats (coarse oats) over instant oats any day!




What is the first thing we learn about oranges, other than it’s name shares it’s colour? … That they contain vitamin C! This vitamin is known for lowering blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. The most obvious way to get your fix of this would simply be to eat oranges, but orange juice is another great form of getting vitamin c into your system. The key is to make sure it is an orange juice without any added sugars. Pure orange juice!




It is a leafy green that is packed with magnesium, which is the mineral that helps regulate cortisol levels (the stress hormone that causes anxiety symptoms) and increases our feelings of wellbeing. You can have spinach in so many different ways too. In your smoothies, with eggs, in your sandwiches, in salads, in curry and dhal dishes. The list goes on! Find what foods you eat regularly and see what spinach could bring to your flavour palette!


Dark Chocolate


Finally, a treat! Being health conscious isn’t about cutting out all those delicious treats we love so much. But, it is about compromising and having all things in moderation. Unfortunately, when we treat ourselves, we often over indulge and usually it is with foods that do not help our anxiety or stress levels by any stretch. However, we have found a loophole! Pure, dark chocolate without the added sugars, or milks, is a great food that reduces cortisol and improves our mood. Don’t be quick to buy these in bulk. Remember – everything in moderation! But it is good to know we still don’t have to cut chocolate out of our lives, to lower our anxiety and stress levels.

Cooking suggestion: Perhaps have this treat with some of the other superfoods. e.g. Almonds, blueberries, oatmeal. Having a combination could lead you to finding the perfect anti anxiety and stress concoction that takes all your worries away!

Try these superfoods out and see if their magical superpowers help make a difference to your daily life and decrease those stressful, anxious feelings.

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