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Dreams Require Sacrifice


Dreams don’t work unless you do. But dreams also require sacrifice. We can’t expect to get from point A to point B without working for it. That’s not how things work. We have to learn to keep on track, ward of distractions, and develop the proper mindset. But more importantly we have to learn to say no when it’s warranted.

If going out all the time is counter productive to your dreams, say no.

If spending your money on useless things deflates your vision for the future, say no.

You have to learn to be willing to say no.

If you aren’t willing to make sacrifices for your dreams you don’t want them bad enough. Because at the end of the day that’s what it comes down to. How badly do you want them? How badly do you crave a life in which your wildest fantasies are actually a reality?

Being unwilling to compromise or sacrifice for your dreams means you’re unwilling to take the proper steps to get there. It means you’re willing to let excuses dictate your life instead of your dreams. Excuses ruin your life, but making sacrifices for your dreams often propels you forward. Which will you choose?

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Andrew Kendall is a Southern California based author with a serious case of wanderlust. He is both an advocate for mental health and a lover of self-help books. Mesmerized at a young age by the world of magic created by J.K. Rowling, Andrew vowed to one day become an author himself in hopes that his words would inspire the lives of those around him. @andrewwrichard

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