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You should be treating yourself as you want others to treat you. Most of us don’t follow this statement. Not in the least bit. We allow others to step all over us like we’re doormats then question why they think it’s ok to treat us this way. I’ll tell you why, because you allow it because they’re feeding off of your behavior towards yourself.


By allowing people to mistreat you, you’re handing them the loaded gun. It’s as if you’re telling them you have no self worth. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, don’t be afraid to put an end to it. Do it now before you end up with zero control and a haunting memory of every little thing they’ve said or done to you.


Know your worth and own it. It’s up to you to show the world how great of a human you are. And even if you doubt yourself even the slightest bit never let them see it, never let them know that sliver of self doubt exists. They will feed off of it and take your weaknesses and bury you alive.


If you’re feeling insecure, fake it until you make it. If you’re in good company you will never have to second guess the quality of these people. You should only bare all to the people who earn your trust. Those are the ones who will never use your insecurities and weaknesses against you. They will only try to help build you up. Keep those people close they are few and far between.


Take a moment each day to tell yourself you’re worth it then prove it to yourself by eliminating the toxic people out of your life. If you can’t eliminate them then take a stand, fight back and they will have no other choice but to back off. Work on loving yourself more and more every day so you never have to experience the pain these horrid people will bring you on top of your already existing self doubt.


We are all worth it. We are all here with a purpose. We all deserve love. The most important person to worry about loving you is you. Once you give into your self love and know your self worth life suddenly seems much brighter, relationships improve, things will begin to look up in every single aspect of your life.

Own it.

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