The Good

Cria’s Gate Vol.7



Epilogue over

To maneuver

Towards closure

Cria’s fortnight

Of flight

Has restored

Her might

In grief

Onward into

Seldom sight

Hence forth

Realizing a

Myth upon

The rise

Expelling her

Breathe gasping

Logically leery

Her battle

Drew query

Beginning within

Fighting those

Bentley twins

A soldier

Of fortune

Fortunately so

Her deeds

Misplaced a

Restless whoa

Moving forward

Without foe

Unheeded she

Believed in

Nesting like

Stricken bees

Striking a

Plea full

Scene for

Eyes then

Began begging

In the

Thickening plot

Prides parade

Belting the

Myth of

A Good-

Wolf fighting

To allot

Beyond those

Circumstances landed

Observed as

Outlandish to

An Outlander

In a

Pitiful pander

Onto the

After that

Cria’s crisscrossed

Tracks begat

Yet another

Meaningful meander

The forest

Folds hold

Hardships galore

Yet she

Traces towards

Relishing contours

Embellishing moments

Ravishment within

A plot

Twist stirring

Consistently forthcoming

Into a

Graceful day

For Crias

A stray

Who strayed

Away from

A predators

Instinctive ways

Cria outgrew

Old days

Pursing new

Ways for

What lays

Within her

Womb she

Did in loom

Of ill-gotten

Dormant doom

With her

Noise pressed

To the

Sky she

Celebrates life

Howling too

The moon

Kyle Paul Profile


Just another Good-Guy

I owe a lot to numerous amazing teachers that have sparked a passion in me, by helping me find my gift, I always had a lot to express, and well... writing was the most constructive way to express myself. Typical delinquent behavior turned good guy vibe. Turns out my struggle is my gift, and life experience has given my words flavor (mocha).

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