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We all know that winter often brings a sense of doom and gloom, with it’s dark frosty mornings, sharp, bitter winds and buckets of rain. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the season, like you would the others. Winter is filled with great opportunities and fun things to do, that you might not necessarily want, or have the option of doing, during the warmer seasons.


Here are a few ideas on fun, affordable things you can do, to make your winter experience better!


  1. Movie days at home. Whether you pull out all your old DVD boxsets, log in to Netflix, or rent from the library; Movie days are the perfect way to make use of your time indoors, when it’s raining and cold. You can do them alone, or with your friends & family! Make a day filled with yummy snacks, cosy blankets and toasty beverages, to accompany your movie marathon.


TIP/ ADVICE! If you decide you want to treat yourself, with the occasional trip to the cinema – look out for your local cinema deals. Whether it’s finding a discount code, or going on their ‘cheap’ day. You don’t want to find yourself spending all your money, every weekend!



  1. Host dinner parties. Whatever happened to inviting people over for dinner? More often than not, we go out to dinner; where a waiter waits on us and a cook cooks for us (pretty self-explanatory and convenient). However, we can end up over spending and let’s be honest … over indulging, on things that we probably shouldn’t. Solution? DIY! Invite your friends over for a meal! Use it as an excuse to get dressed up, OR simply have a casual one. Whack on your Spotify playlist, light some tea light candles, or turn on your fairy lights. Make yourself the ultimate Pinterest-worthy dinner party!

dinner party

TIP / ADVICE! If you’re short on money, or you’re not so confident in the kitchen, split the meal duties with your guests. Ask everyone to bring a dish each, to share the costs and cover all your bases. BYOB. JIM BRING THE PIE! KATY BRING THE CHEESECAKE! DON’T FORGET THE ROLLS ANDY!


  1. Exploring. Embrace the cold weather conditions, by wrapping up accordingly and take yourself out and about. Whether you live in the heart of the city, or out in the countryside. Embrace your surroundings and take a walk. Alone? Perfect. Put your headphones in and listen to music, to make new connections with routes you take. You may find that when you next walk down a road, which you took on your winter walk, it will forever link to the song you had playing, during that time. With friends? Fab! Pitch in together, to buy some disposable cameras and take pictures out and about together. You’ll have something exciting to look forward to, when waiting for them to develop and will result in something to keep, as a memory of your day.


TIP / ADVICE! Take snacks with you and hand warmers, to keep your day of fun and adventure from coming to a rapid end; due to hunger, or chilly hands.


  1. Bake! Whether it’s your first time in the kitchen, or a regular occurrence, making something in the kitchen can be a fun experience. Making treats for family, tasty goodies for your movie day/dinner party, or just simply having fun in the kitchen. It’s never a waste, to learn how to make something and it’s always fun to mess up the kitchen with creativeness!


TIP / ADVICE! If you are a newbie to the culinary world, you can start yourself off with box mixes, to ease yourself into it. Most things are premeasured and only requires you to add wet ingredients; such as oil, eggs, or water.


  1. Make the most of hobbies. There are so many things that are a great way to pass the time and enjoy doing indoors. Arts and crafts, reading, gaming, listening to music. The list goes on! Things that you don’t always feel you make the time for in the warmer months, when it’s hot and you’re off doing things outside – you can make time for in winter!


TIP / ADVICE! Look into your local leisure centres and gyms, for activity classes you can take part in; if you’re someone edging for more of a active, physical release. More into the crafting things? Remember there are charity / thrift / op shops, where you can find cheap materials and things to reinvent!



Make the most of your winter!

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