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Comfortable silence


“That’s when you know you’ve found someone special. When you can shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence”
Ms’s Mia Wallace says to Vincent Vega as they shared an uncomfortable silence. When I heard that line in the classic cult movie it instantly clicked with me. That was it. That simple moment made me understand what it meant to find that special someone. When you don’t have to fill every minute with gossip and pointless topics so the situation won’t become awkward in those quiet moments. I’ve known friends and lovers for years and even then, in the silence you feel a tense un-familiarness. You notice it straight away; the conversation ends and the silence drops. Abruptly making you aware of its arrival. Eyes dart around the room looking at random objects, an odd awkward smile creeps onto your faces when your eyes do catch each other. You know it’s bad when the phone makes its way out of the pocket, it’s a buffer to the silence, take you away for a minute but you can only stare at the bright distraction for so long before you must enter the silence once again. Finally, some needless nonsense pops up allowing you to be relieved from the pressure until it comes back around. Everyone’s been in the situation many a time I’d say, no one wants to. To my amazement I recently found it. That breathtaking, beat skipping moment of comfortable silence.

A short time ago I met this girl, at the time I couldn’t tell you much about her only that in the state I was in I was surprised she stuck with me. We decided to go on a date. Before as I waited, she was running late, I could feel myself shaking, heart racing and my palms slightly sweating. Nervousness setting in. Imploring a higher power to ensure all went well. Hoping that it would not be awkward or unpleasant. She arrived, truly apologetic for leaving me waiting, it didn’t matter I was delighted she was here now. We talked about art, film, music; anything somewhat creative. I could see a passionate interest in any topic she discussed, from religion to drugs you name it. However, the silence couldn’t be too far away. The conversation ends, I noticed it straight away. There is no abrupt drop of silence or awkward smile but a peaceful silence being shared by two people who are simply enjoying the connection between one and other. I’d found that comfortable silence that I’d sought after since laying eyes on Quentin Tarantino’s thought-provoking Pulp Fiction. Having previously wished I’d find it in my first love, the girl of my dreams. Disheartened I didn’t. Longing for it in the next girl who would have done anything for my love, knowing I wouldn’t. Then that age-old clique of when you least expect it. Not looking for anything to do with love. I’m sure if I was actively searching for love I would never come across it. There is so much noise in the world. Daily, our minds are filled with clutter, we have the ability to swipe through an unlimited amount of content at our fingertips. We can walk by hundreds of people seeing their faces and maybe a snip bit of their lives without ever stopping. We never know where our roads might take us, what they might entail and the people we’ll meet along the way but what you should do is stop for a moment. Engage with the people you meet, it may take a while but it will be worth it. Worth it to share a comfortable silence with that someone special.


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