The Good

As a child runs down the street screaming: “He’s in his feelings again”


Despacito curling my fingers
To a fist
To the toné of my voice
Her seat moist
She loves
My thuggish ruggish
Voice did I mention
Her seats texture?
I haven’t even
Opened my mouth yet
And the anticipation
Has me mentioning
The seat, where she sits
Just to Segway
Into grip

Her seats texture
Anything she’s
Listening to me like
I’m her best friend
So I find myself
Mentioning my
Breaking to blush
Then smile n’
I know it’s a bit much

Kyle Paul Profile


Just another Good-Guy

I owe a lot to numerous amazing teachers that have sparked a passion in me, by helping me find my gift, I always had a lot to express, and well... writing was the most constructive way to express myself. Typical delinquent behavior turned good guy vibe. Turns out my struggle is my gift, and life experience has given my words flavor (mocha).

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