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Limiting Beliefs, Breaking Free and Living Life to the Fullest

The discussion of limiting beliefs seems to be a hot topic these days. Everything I have read suggests we already know what our liming beliefs are. It’s easy for most of us to say we have a fear of rejection or a fear of failure, or we will never lose weight or men only like skinny women. Limiting beliefs, such as these and more, can paralyze us and keep us from living a life true to ourselves.

As a certified ThetaHealing practitioner, I recognize these types of beliefs to be what we call our “top” belief or a belief that is on a conscious level. The ThetaHealing technique, created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit. It is our tool to pull the negative belief and replace it with the positive reinforcements defined by the person we are working with.

But what about the limiting beliefs which aren’t so obvious? Yes, we have negative or limiting beliefs buried deep within our subconscious. These types of beliefs are our “bottom” beliefs. There are four ways we develop limiting beliefs: 1) On a Core Level: Beliefs, positive or negative, can be learned in our childhood years through adulthood from our parents, siblings, other family members and friends. 2) On a Genetic Level: Beliefs can be carried with us from generation to generation through our genetics. 3) On a History Level: We can carry beliefs into this lifetime from past lives and 4) On a Soul Level: Our soul, our essence, has beliefs.

A digging technique can be used to delve deeper into the subconscious and uncover the true bottom belief. Let’s start with a very common “top belief”—the fear of success. With some digging, we soon realize the belief buried within our subconscious is not that we are afraid of being successful, but rather that we fear being inconsequential. Interestingly, rarely is the bottom belief connected to the top belief.

The good news is, with work, we cannot only identify our limiting beliefs, we can heal them.

By identifying and healing limiting beliefs, we open ourselves up to living our lives, not only to the fullest, but more importantly, true to ourselves. By healing our limiting beliefs, we can also heal physical manifestations and dis-ease within the body.

The process of digging for our “bottom” or underlying belief can be quite painful. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to really look at ourselves. However, once identified, healing can begin.

No one really wants to relive pain or trauma but it is vital to feel those emotions to move past them for good.

How do you dig for the bottom belief?

  • Start with a journal or paper and something to write with. Get quiet and be sure to allow for 30 to 60 minutes without interruptions.
  • Write down your top or most obvious limiting belief. Put yourself in the worst-case scenario surrounding that belief. In the case of having a fear of success, what happens if you are successful? What comes up, what is the worst-case scenario? If you are successful then you work too much. When you work too much, you lose your family, so on and so on. Honor the truth within.
  • You know you’ve hit the bottom belief when you start to feel uncomfortable, wanting to avoid how you are feeling or start resenting the digging. Feel the emotions as they come up. It is essential to releasing the pain once and for all. As you are guided, call upon your higher power to assist you in releasing the pain and trauma.

I want to note that sometimes we are too close to the pain. Do not feel discouraged if you find yourself in this situation. Sometimes it is necessary to find a spiritual or energy healer you are comfortable with to assist in digging down to the subconscious. But it is so important to do because what resides there can be the thing holding us back from truly living — living the life of our dreams.

Our beliefs are powerful. Do not underestimate them.

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As a certified spiritual awakener & ThetaHealing® practitioner, Kate is passionate about assisting others in learning the road blocks potentially holding them back from happiness and living a life true to themselves. She is a self-published author of "I Didn’t Know I Was Dying and How I Live(d)", where she shares her story to inspire others to never wonder “what if” and live with no regrets. Visit to learn more.

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