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Is it better to be fashionable or fit?


Is it more important to be fashionable or to be fit? As an avid fitness enthusiast, I believe fitness is more important. If you take good care of the vessel that you were brought into this world in then it shouldn’t matter what label you are wearing, only if the clothes look good on you. Wearing designer labels feels so good because they give you a boost of confidence. Someone has placed the importance on their brand and given value to the fabric. It’s all the same fabric in most cases and unless you tell someone what the fabric is, only then can they judge you based on the label. That’s what so many of us do. Judge people based on the label. So why not place that same value on the skin you are in. Feed it well, strengthen it with healthy exercise and rest it every day. It should be the mandate of everyone every day, but life gets in the way of living life. It shouldn’t. Life is about living it to make you feel alive and not having to seek things out outside yourself to make you feel better about living. I have always been a firm believer that the woman or man makes the clothes. I know this from growing up poor on a farm in a small, small town. My family could not afford the latest and greatest of anything. It never deterred me or slowed me down and it never did, because I did not give strength to anything outside myself. I was academically good in school, getting mostly A’s and B’s in worn-out clothes and hand me downs. I was a track star winning most of my races in shoes that came from a store called Bi-way, comparable to Giant Tiger in today’s world. How did that happen? It wasn’t how much my shoes cost, that’s for sure. It’s because I trained and was prepared for races with ability. I had confidence in the skills I possessed and I believed in myself, not the clothes or shoes I was wearing.
The beliefs our parents instill in us should not fade in time because of life or that would be a waste of their time. We strive to instill the same mentality in children today, so health and fitness should be your number one priority first and foremost. If you spent the time doing that then you would not need to spend the money on expensive clothes to make up for the lack of confidence from not being fit. Seems simple. Sometimes in life, things that are so simple are made difficult from our way of thinking. Change the way you think and change your life. I love the idea of feeling good inside and choosing my clothes based on how they look on me versus the label sewn into them. I love the feeling of going to the gym every day and working out my frustrations and feelings. Connecting my mind to my body is crucial to how I handle stress day to day and gives me the energy I need to make it through my long days. That has huge value to me. It should be like taking a vitamin daily. We need to adjust our thinking and practice more self-love and adjust our mindset to how we feel about food and fitness and what it does to our bodies. We should all be applauding each other for being fit in whatever capacity we choose and encourage each other to make it a number one priority. Look at how much it would change our lives. Bigger gyms and smaller malls. What a concept! Look at all the sweatshops that are in business because big labels need them to work for minimal so they can mass produce and make maximum dollars off them. If only we would all just jump on the fitness bandwagon, we would feel good and potentially make others feel good too. Take a moment and look at your life and how you have laid it all out day to day. Now, look at where and when you can make fitness a priority. You make so many other things a priority, like work and coffee dates. Take a month and start scheduling a time for fitness every day and ask your partner to make it a priority too. While you’re at it, plan your next shopping adventure – for new clothes!
– Orlena Cain


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