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Being the Light for Others


Being the Light for Others
The key is, loving ourselves

The darkest of days seem to be upon us: natural disasters in every corner of the world, hidden truths being revealed, our own personal crises.  I believe we are all struggling somehow and some more than others. With so much that needs to be “done” in our world, to assist one another, where do we start? How can we help?

I was speaking with a friend and I remembered something I have read over and over: “We cannot pour from an empty cup.” The best thing we can do is start with ourselves. Be a pillar of light, not only for ourselves, but for others. As a pillar of light, we become the light on someone’s darkest days.

Imagine pointing your face towards the sky, eyes closed, as the sun shines on your face, a smile starts to creep across your cheeks. How good does that feel? That’s how we are to others when we shine our light. The best we can do is take care of ourselves so we can take care of others, heal others and the world. When we glow, they glow, by standing in our light.

Essentially, by being a pillar of light, we can be an example for others by showing them hope. They think “if they can do it, so can I.”

How to be a pillar of light? Loving ourselves comes first. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and joy, lots of joy and laughter, heartfelt, exhausting laughter. Yes, we all need to strive to eat more healthy foods but there is no need to “go without”. If you’re like me and don’t seem to have the exercise “gene”, you can move your body by having a family dance party in the living room, walk along the beach, or park further away in the parking lot at the grocery store.

The problem is, we create so much more stress on ourselves by telling ourselves, we must do this and we must eat that. By putting this undue pressure on ourselves, we suck the life right out of our joy.

I believe this to be the truth. We put too much stress on ourselves for no reason. We make life harder than it needs to be. At least if we can start with the above, we’ll be further guided and the rest will fall in to place.

Eat pizza, have the cookie…Be more concerned about creating more joy in your life than what you are eating. Drink plenty of water, do what it is that brings you joy and laugh like no one is watching.

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As a certified spiritual awakener & ThetaHealing® practitioner, Kate is passionate about assisting others in learning the road blocks potentially holding them back from happiness and living a life true to themselves. She is a self-published author of "I Didn’t Know I Was Dying and How I Live(d)", where she shares her story to inspire others to never wonder “what if” and live with no regrets. Visit to learn more.

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