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Day in, day out in my working environment, I witness gym members feeling daunted by the prospect of exercising surrounded by other perhaps more experienced fitness lovers. It’s one thing about the industry that really makes me feel sorry for people wanting to feel better about themselves.

No human should keep putting off reaching their health and fitness goals because of a lack of confidence in themselves. It’s a very difficult feeling for people to build up, and it does take time.
The key thing to remember for anybody who might be reading this, thinking ‘I’m not confident enough to exercise by myself’, is that literally every single person had to start somewhere, whether they are at the very top of their sport or just a regular gym go-er. I understand how daunting it may seem at first, and single-handedly it’s unrealistic for me to think I can change this general consensus about the fitness environment. But the greatest job satisfaction for me is when somebody tells me how confident they’re becoming when they walk through the door. It may take a couple of weeks, but when you look in the mirror and realise your body is changing for the better due to your hard work, it’s an amazing feeling.
I guess I would be unemployed in the fitness industry if every single person was a keen, confident fitness addict, but it’s not a job I do for the financial gain. To be able to get a ‘thank you’ after somebody has finished a six week program for example, is such a fantastic feeling seeing them happy and confident within themselves, when just a few weeks previous, they were almost too nervous to step through the door in the first place.
If just one person reading this goes to their local fitness class or gym, and thinks ‘yeah, everybody is in the same boat as me’ or ‘everybody started somewhere, of course I can do this’ then this article is certainly worth my time. I’m very privileged to be able to get my message across to a lot of people through, and to be able to make a difference through helping encourage the people with less self-confidence, is very rewarding.

Charlie Proctor


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