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How authentic are you in the workplace?


One of the great things about being human is how hard it is to conceal what is really going on inside. Our body language speaks out loud and gives our true feelings air to get them out in the open. Listening to these signals from deep down can be a powerful source of self awareness, and it would serve us well to stay in tune with these.

From our early working years we are programmed to fall in line, keep our heads down and be grateful when the salary clears in the bank. Now, holding down a job in a turbulent economy is, no doubt, a good thing and people should be acknowledged for showing persistence and dedication for doing so. To a point…

It is naive to think that everybody should be skipping into work and high-fiving colleagues first thing on a Monday morning. That is for the lucky few who have found their niche, but I urge you to try and remain authentic in the process regardless of where you are. If you are not doing whatever it is you do in an authentic manner, this train is heading in the wrong direction.

If you don’t love the industry or the nature of your work, then at least acknowledge what is going on, make peace with it and set yourself up for some level of success. If you really don’t enjoy your work, then commit to moving on, or if you believe that you need to stay, at least make peace with that choice and find an area or aspect that you can relate to and zone in on making a difference there.

Ignoring your inner cues is a dangerous way of welcoming in future frustration and disappointment. And surviving from weekend to weekend is a strategy that truly sucks. Its the 80/20 rule gone bad…living 80% of your week unhappy waiting for the 20% of freedom to come around. And do it all again starting on Monday…

As the saying goes: “If you can be your authentic self, you will have no competition.” There is only one you, and your only true job on earth is to try be the best you. There is huge freedom and release in that statement. A person being their authentic selves is hard to miss, and your boss, your colleagues, your peers will see it shining through that you are there for a purpose, maybe not your BIG, juicy, audacious life purpose just yet, but for now, you are there with a reason.

Authenticity breeds respect from top to bottom. So be authentic.


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A personal development coach committed to living out my life purpose in evoking positive transformation in the lives of my clients. For more information please visit

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