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Are You Living or Existing?


Live a little!

There are quotes, books, posts, tag lines and speeches that talk about living your best life. There is a reason why this topic of living a good life is such a common theme. It is because life can be difficult and people have a need to be motivated to have fun, pursue their dreams, and try new things. Living versus existing is not just about materialistic items. It is not solely about traveling the world, driving expensive cars, and buying over-priced clothes. It is simply about doing the things that make you happy. Living should be about enjoying your life in the midst of the stressors of day to day existence.

Living is also about experiencing something that is out of your comfort zone. It is doing an activity that you have wanted to try but feel a little shy about it. This could be taking a dance class, going to dinner by yourself, or even just wearing an outfit that you normally wouldn’t. In order to enjoy our life, we sometimes have to force ourselves to do things that make us feel uncomfortable in the beginning. It is important to take a first step, even if it is a baby step.

Sometimes we don’t “live” because we are waiting for someone to “live” with us. Too often there are things that we want to do, but we are waiting for someone to accompany us. Sometimes the wait is so long that it never actually happens. To quote the most popular motivational phrase, “just do it”. Stop waiting for someone to get on board. Stop using your energy towards trying to convince them and just go for it.

To merely exist is to survive, to endure, to continue doing the same thing. Figure out what turns you on, what makes you smile, and what fulfills you. A dream can turn into a goal that turns into a plan. Whatever it is that you have been wishing to do, make a plan to accomplish it. It does not matter if it is big or small, as long as it brings you joy.
So, answer this question, “are you living or just existing”? And if you are doing the latter, then
why? Live a little!

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