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Alone, yet not lonely

Have you ever felt alone and disconnected from the rest of the crowd?
When nothing seemed to be working in your favor. When you felt like everyone just seemed to be pushing themselves away from you.
Why do you often find yourself questioning your ability to do things you are so capable of doing because somebody told you that you could not. What if it were the opposite, and you were the one trying to disconnect yourself.
When nothing seemed to be working in your favor because you do not want to accept anything present in front of you.
When you try to push everybody away because you simply want to be alone.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a television, watching your favorite TV show, laughing as the host cracked up a joke that you so anticipate anyway. The joy that this moment brings you is nothing but temporary. It is a spur of the moment happiness. When after turning off the television, you ask yourself, “What now?”

Being alone in moments where you feel the need to dig deeper to find inspiration, to find your true self, to appreciate more of what is important in your life is the best thing you can offer to yourself. Oftentimes you are so busy with life that you do not have time alone. Nevertheless, try to make time. Try to better yourself so that you can give more of yourself to the people you love and care about. Because the more you have of yourself, the more you can give.

Imagine now with your eyes closed, sitting on the white sandy beach, overlooking the ocean with nothing on your mind but only what’s in front of you – Present Moment. Just taking it all in, appreciating the feelings of Nothingness –

Yet somehow feeling complete.

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